Friday, July 17, 2009

Toby Tortoise 2 - Cartoony Disney - Butt Jokes

One of the things I like about this style of animation is how direct it is.
Unlike some Disney animation, the story actions aren't buried under a mountain of extraneous secondary animation principles - like too much squash and stretch, too much non-stop action, too much overlap etc.
You can see all these poses clearly and each pose and action carries us through the story without distraction.

Not every part of the character is moving an equal amount, so we know what we are supposed to be looking at.
In some "full-animation" the characters never stop moving and each part of the body moves as much as the rest at all times. Toby Tortoise stands out as a very direct cartoony Disney cartoon. Maybe it was an experiment, who knows?
A lot of the actions are funny in themselves. They aren't moving just for the sake of being "full-animation" or to show off the budget.