Tuesday, July 07, 2009

My Favorite Batman

Wouldn't it be cool if they ever animated a Batman show in Bob Kane's style? (Like at the beginning of the 60s Batman live action show)
Hey, imagine if superheroes weren't already established and you had to pitch this idea to a Cartoon Executive...
"Well it's a show about a man who has man powers, but he wears a dark pointy suit and he fights crime without a gun. He's so dark that he laughs at burning children."
"Not only that, he's lonely so he steals someone's underage boy and makes him wear leotards and hot pants covered in fish scales, then puts him in dangerous situations!"

"It's not all serious though. The heroes like to have a good laugh at other men in funny suits being electrocuted."
"Al Franken will sometimes appear in the cartoon, only really large."

"Once in a while they'll take off their underpants and exchange them for Catholic girl skirts.""And when they mutate into 10 foot monsters with monkey heads, their bitches won't notice anything is different."

"Buy this show"