Monday, April 03, 2006

Beautiful People 13 - Breakthrough? THESE BEAUTIES FOR SALE NOW

If you were here for my first caricature post you might remember I said it takes a while for me to loosen up and get a more extreme caricature of someone?

I think it happened the day I drew these. At least I got a bit more confident with exaggerating.

Think you can figure out who these babies are?

Hey by the way, I'm hooked up with a gallery now to sell my original art and my partner there wants to set some prices, so tell ya what. I'll sell these images here if anyone wants to buy 'em.
Let me know which you want and what you would pay for 'em.
Screw Ebay. We'll do it right here!

Hey go look at my pal Marlo's caricatures. She's much more exaggerated than me. I want her secrets!