Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Amir Avni's Progress

Amir has been taking my advice and learning from the masters. To learn construction, he is copying frames from Bob McKimson scenes.


His first copy is not bad, but a little on the flat side. I gave him some tips and then suggested he do it again, this time fixing the mistakes.
He compared it to the original to see how accurate he was. I also suggested that he write down what he is learning from each drawing he copies, so he can apply the general knowledge to his own drawings.http://aapractice.blogspot.com/2007/10/wellgulpnow-ive-seen-everything.html
If you are planning to be a cartoonist, you'd better get your suicide drawings down, because there is a huge call for this in our business. It's always good for a laugh. Almost as funny as stereotypes.
After he copied some drawings, I told him to try to draw the characters in his own poses to see if he was learning anything from the copies. When you study something, it's not enough to merely copy. You should be trying to understand what you are copying so that you can apply it to your own work.

Amir is advancing fast and now he's all cocksure, so he's decided to jump all the way up to Frank Frazetta.

Go to Amir's site and see his progress and see how is studying. Maybe it will help you to understand the value of learning from the best cartoonists.

The quickest way to learn is to be extremely methodical and logical about it. If Amir keeps this up, he could sail ahead of the competition.


Mitch K said...

Amir's been drawing night and day -- endlessly! Nobody is competition for this guy!

Mitch said...

Awesome study's!

Seeing study's like that are a motivation for me to try harder.

Keep study!

Rafi animates said...

inspiring to see such progress. will try and upload some of my efforts for feedback

Natasha said...

Seeing other people's superior drawings always inspires me to work harder! Congratulations to Mr Avni for working so hard!

I also just wanted to say thanks for putting up all the information on this blog, John; I'm learning far more from here than I would in school or on my own, that's for sure!

Kali Fontecchio said...

Nice work!

Amir Avni, Amid Amidi.

Pete Emslie said...

Hey John,

Don't divulge ALL of the secrets of cartooning to Amir - leave a few things for me to teach the rascal! :)

(Hey, I gotta' justify my paycheck somehow...)

Anonymous said...

Amir's progress is very encouraging. I just started a blog and posted a few attempts. Any feedback would be appreciated.

JohnK said...

>>Don't divulge ALL of the secrets of cartooning to Amir - leave a few things for me to teach the rascal! :)<<

Hi Pete,

I'll try not to make him too smart.

Seriously, I hope I am just reinforcing the basic traditional principles you are teaching.

The more artists we get into the business that can draw for real, and not just imitating trendy flat stuff, the better chance us 2d folk have of surviving as an art form.

You know that the studios are in trouble lately. I think all this cold stylized stuff has worn out its welcome. Kids need characters that seem alive, not just cutout graphics with googly eyes.

That's why 3d is killing us. Not because it's good, just because it's superficially more alive than what the 2d folks are doing.

2d should be able to clobber 3d! It's insane.

I wish more students would come to their senses and want to give themselves more control over their art.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughtfull advice that you've given to me, John.

I tried to apply your suggestions to my latest post, The History Of The Terrytoons, and hopefully, I got it right this time around.

I hope you will enjoy reading it

From a inspiring cartoonist/ artist


amir avni said...

Thanks for the feedback, I'm flattered to get folks motivated.

Kali- LoL, Jerry Beck mentioned the similarity in Ottawa. I get by somehow... When we went for dinner with John and Steve, at first you thought I was Amid!

Pete Emslie said...

John said: "Seriously, I hope I am just reinforcing the basic traditional principles you are teaching. The more artists we get into the business that can draw for real, and not just imitating trendy flat stuff, the better chance us 2d folk have of surviving as an art form."

Have no fear, we're definitely on the same page, John. As my students can attest, I make them draw in a fully dimensional approach. Fortunately, I've been finding that most are quite receptive to it and are doing their best to meet that criteria in their work.

Aside to Kali: Hey, Kali, wouldn't it be great to have Porky Pig introduce Amid Amidi on stage? It would probably go something like this:

"Um, ladies and uh, g-g-gentlemen, I'd like now to puh-present, Amidee-amidee-amidee - aw screw it, here's Jerry Beck!"

Looney Moon Cartoons said...

These are some great drawings! They remind me that I need to draw more to really get these principles down. It's inspiring to read about how he did it.

R. Banuelos said...

These are fantastic!
Great work.

Adam said...

Thanks for some more great tips, John.

I've found that drawing a copied character in a couple of different poses after copying the character straight from another drawing is really important. Being able to copy a drawing from one sheet of paper to another is an entirely different skill than posing that character in your mind and getting THAT image on paper. I can almost feel a different part of my brain being used when I do this.

Also, drawing the character inverted after copying the drawing straight is what I'll normally do if I'm having trouble posing the character at first.

Doing this really helps to solidify the form of the character in my mind.

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Good for Amir! If only art schools taught stuff like this!

Dan said...

Hi John, its great that you're posting all this information, and that someone like Amir is following you're advice and improving. You have definitely encouraged me to keep drawing and to believe that there is still hope for GOOD QUALITY 2d animation... I just finished a course in 2d character animation at St Martins, London, UK. It was good but im trying to improve even more. I would like to study under you're guidance too, just like Amir.. where do I start?


Ross Irving said...

What am I doing wrong? John, I have seriously read every single post from your blog's entire history and have tried to understand and apply the concepts to the best of my ability, yet I still fail at making my copies look like the screenshots. Like the screenshot with Bugs holding the book from Falling Hare. I've tried to copy that drawing nineteen times now, and even the most recent copy looks terrible.

I admire Amir Avni's progress, I just don't know what to do with myself.