Wednesday, October 10, 2007

League of Super Rodents: TEASER

Brian Mitchell

Mike Kazaleh


Ken Boyer

Jim Smith

I'm gonna put up some frame grabs from the cartoon today to show you the different styles of the layout artists that posed the cartoon. You should watch some other 80s cartoons on youtube and compare the posing to Mighty Mouse. The same artists worked on many of those but were not allowed to do any actual poses and especially not in their own styles.

And tomorrow you can see the whole cartoon, ok?


lucas accardo said...

Jesus John, things like this, i mean like being able to write to you, make me wish internet was invented way earlier...

To keep it clear and brief, because long stuff is boring to read and my enlgish kind of sucks:

i am Lucas form Argentina 31 y.o. love Comics Movies and to Draw.

You are John K, a god , legend and unique talent among cartoonist of all time.

And i am actually writing to you...

Ok i'll snap off of it already.

You seem to love some and despise some with equal strenght cartoonist of all age and periods, some i agree and some i don't but thats the beauty of it isn't it?

I agree with most of your taste but i think your kind of harsh with good things happening nowadays, like South Park wich i think is one of the best stuff that happend to the world in this period of politically correct PHONINESS.

Anyhow you are one of the best things that happend to the planet also, and you fight hard against phoniness too so your opinion is more than valid.

Damn! Honey! Im'writing to Kricfalusi!

Sorry if i made up some words and consider me forever in debt to you for making me some of the best cartoons ever.

Yours Truly Lucas Accardo.

Freckled Derelict said...

These are great! The top one looks like the work of Lynne Naylor.

D. (de Damián) said...

John, I just wanted to say hi, and tell you that I really admire your work. This blog is quite nice too.
Like Lucas Accardo i'm from Argentina.
Last week i was telling a friend of mine about your blog, and i thought "how can so many people actually believe that the internet is a bad influence on youth, when it gives you the opportunity of getting in touch and share opinions with the people you admire?" Perhaps my vision is a bit naive, but that's what i think.

Thank you, sorry for my lousy english, and greetings!

Damián Guido

Bill Field said...

John, are we getting close to seeing the Mighty Heroes reunion episode? Diaper Man has grown up to become Protective Undergarment Man, I think that's the new name you gave him isn't it? I miss those great villains in the Mighty Heroes-- now THOSE were villains. The Frog, The Raven, The Shrinker, The Monsterizer!Sigh- if they had only brought NOT BRAND ECCH! to TV! Where's Forbush Man when you need him?

Julián höek said...

just another "hi!" from Argentina!
see ya!

Pete Emslie said...

Yay! The League of Super-Rodents is my favourite episode!!

Mmmm, I can practically taste that pouch-fresh spaghetti already!! :)

NextGen (Hector) said...

Lucas sure loves you there John. :-P


I love those drawings. The shapes, the lines, they feel alive!

I look at stuff like that and then I look at today's stiff cartoons,
cough Fairly Odd Parents cough.

And wonder what went wrong? Why did the animation world abandon the classic styles of Looney Tunes, etc.

Jose said...

fun fun fun!!

Whit said...

Holy crap, John. You're more popular in Argentina than Hitler.

oppo said...

I know this is an old post (October 10, 2007), but I have one question about Brian Mitchell, one of the artists featured here. I've heard that a caricature of him appeared in Ren and Stimpy. Do you know if this is true?

oppo said...

October 10, 2007

Hey no one, not even me guessed at the mystery artist! so I'm going to put forth Bruce Timm. Well, am I right?

Brian Mitchell said...

Hi John! Great Blog and love all the great work you've been doing. I just want to make a quick correction to this post even though it's years overdue; the first two frame grabs of the Cow and Mighty are both from my layouts. The second one of the cow looking coy is definitely from my hand.
Miss theory nights! I learned a helluva lot from you.