Monday, October 29, 2007

John K Commercials part 2: Internet commercials

Internet Ads and Banners

Online advertising has many distinct advantages over TV ads. The ads can be longer than 30 seconds. This gives more time to get the message across and more time to make the ads be fun and understandable. The ads can take you to the sponsor's website. The ads can feature entertaining mascots.

Think about how many TV commercials that you are vaguely aware of but can't remember what they are selling.

This is the way to get huge click throughs and sales. Make the ads entertaining!

I've been doing animated online ads in Flash since 1997 and here are a few.

Ultimate Fighting Championship


The ads can also take you from whatever site they appear on, straight to the Sponsor's site.

Here's one of the very first demonstrations of direct sponsorship online using an early version of Flash.

Wally Whimsy for Rice Patooties

Products can directly sponsor shows, which is the ideal way to advertise your product. The audience associates their good feelings about the show with the sponsor, and the star of the show advertises the product.


Anonymous said...

blue man group were in commercials for intel processors.

amir avni said...

Was Mike Fontanelli the voice of Wally Whimsy?

JohnK said...

>>blue man group were in commercials for intel processors.<<

Only you would figure that out, Evan!

So how many did you buy after you saw the commercial?

Amir: Yes it's the great one himself.

Anonymous said...

That animation of you in the Whimsy commercial is suspiciously South Park or Monty Python-esque.

Ted said...

Some pencil art from the Quisp ad:

flashcartoons said...

i thought the blue man group was a show of a bunch of guys painted in blue dancing around or something

Tim said...

Wow, just recently I remember buying a box of Quisp and staring at the artwork on the side going "damn, that's not a bad rip-off of John K."

PCUnfunny said...

Hey John, I just sent another 5 wing wangs.

JohnK said...

Thanks loads!

jhbmw007 said...

I like the card for the comcast spot that's showing up now that they're out of DS's. I knew that guy in the costume just wanted to be watching tv the whole time.

PCUnfunny said...

You're welcome John. *kiss*

Anonymous said...

I've always loved that Wally Whimsy / Rice Patooties piece. Cereal companies should hire you to design their mascots, packaging and commercials. Then kids will be on the cereal like Charlie Sheen on a hooker.

Erik Griott said...

haha, nice! i love watching your cartoons. i tested my schoolmates on whether cartoon commercials were way better than what's out right now, and 100% agree, they would rather watch your commercials than anything else. these are non-animators mind you! it's very inspiring to see what cartoons are capable of and how you use them.

on a side note, last night i watched Spike&Mikes cartoon show, i think from the mid 90's, and i instantly picked out a piece you helped with: some dog and a baby with a sucker face. brilliant! and then i heard the dads voice and recognized it immediately.

well, enough anecdotes for today.

Kali Fontecchio said...

HOLY CRAP! Hahahaha I've never seen that Wally Whimsy thingy before!!! AMAZING! Freakin' Mike Font.

"Hey moms! (Preferably MILFS) ...."
"forthifithed" have the best lisp ever, Mike.
I'll MUTHER you, hahahaha......

Nice cameo John, it was so life-like!

Marc Deckter said...


Mr. Semaj said...

Let's not forget those e-surance ads. :p

I've been trying to develop a commercial using my own characters for Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.

"I'm giving General Mills an offer they can't refuse."

PCUnfunny said...

"Let's not forget those e-surance ads. "

Seriously, who the hell came up with those things ? Bad anime style action with random bad guys getting beat up, giant football robots, I can't figure out that mess.

Taber said...

Why couldn't the shows airing with these have been so funny and full of entertainment vitamins!?