Friday, October 19, 2007

Mighty Mouse Presents: Me-Yowww!


Here is the first cartoon I directed.



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PCUnfunny said...

Funny cartoon John. Amazing how how those villians never figured out Mighty Mouse's secret identity and yet a complete retard did so. By the way, why was it decided that he was given a secret ID anyway ?

Chip Butty said...


Best gags - Durf's shedding his skin when Mighty sheds his costume, and crushing Mighty when patting him good night.

It's so telling that critics were calling this thing "the new Rocky and Bullwinkle" simply because it had some verbal flair ("SCHLEMIEL") from writers who could string a sentence together. The writing is amusing but it's nothing without the animation.

Also, props for throwing starting the homo-subtext trend through stories like this one and The Ice Goose your heart out, Spongebob...and gags like the dog's pounding heart when he falls for Durf at the end. Love it!

Oliver_A said...

Hi John!

While watching the show, I always wonder how much influence you had on the colour design, because it still sort of represents the typical garish 80's saturday morning colour scheme. No comparison to what you did on Ren & Stimpy a few years later. Was this a deliberate decision from you guys?

But don't take it the wrong way, I think this show easily blasts away any other 80's cartoon show. Are there any chances it might be released on DVD someday? Who is the current copyright owner, where we can send our demands?

Mitch K said...

I watched it, then read about your directing story, and then watched it again. These insights are great!

Production for a single cartoon alone is huge and messy... how can you keep up with overseeing all of it!?

toia said...

hey John! I discovered your blog some months ago and have been a fan ever since :]
I loved that nike add xD and it was nice to see the first episode you directed

by the way i have just started doing your $100,000 animation course and i am wondering if you still follow people who do it. i havent posted anything yet tho

keep those great posts coming!

Jeff Pidgeon said...

Hey John,
I hadn't seen the Nike ad before. Is that recent, or an older spot?

Whit said...

oliver a.:

Viacom owns the rights to Mighty Mouse. Viacom also owns Nick, MTV, CBS, and Paramount Pictures. Write to them to demand a DVD release. They can make it happen.