Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Thanks to the real stars of this blog!

Hey I just checked my account and found some more donations.

Thanks very much indeed!
I spray you all with golden teat magic goo.

Here is a list of the cream of humanity, folks who love real cartoons:

Eric Bauza
Heather Sheffield
Bruce Herbert
Emmanuel laflamme
Dominic Bisignano
Flash Cartoons Studios
Art Fuentes
Taber Dunipace
Michael Webb
Brett Thompson
Kirk Teetzel (great last name!)
Andrew Arett
Ricardo Cantoral
Chris Lutes
Patrick Sevc
Andy Latham

This is very very appreciated. I spend a lot of time on these lessons and things, so this will really help.

Boy, if everyone who reads this blog sent 5 bucks every few weeks I could upgrade what I'm doing and make more films, so thanks very much!

Hopefully you will work for me after you become cartoon geniuses too!

Here look, even Kali is finding time to brush up on her construction:
Solid, girl solid!

If I left anyone out, chastise me and I'll correct the error!


PCUnfunny said...

"Here is a list of the cream of humanity"

YES !!!!!!!!!!! Now I can finally look down on society !

Charlie J. said...

Wow, Kali's pretty great!

hey John, I did the Bugs study too, if you have time do you think you could take a look at it?



flashcartoons said...

i donated!! im the flash cartoon studios my name is Lavalle Lee

and you deserve every penny for such great lessons you have been giving

Kyle said...

Wow, Kali's is great. maybe even, dare I say it, better than yours. *gasp*

It looks so solid I feel like I can just grab on to him.

Rodrigo said...

Kali's Bugs looks fantastic. It's amazing what an extra X chromosome can bring to the table. Bugs looks very solid, but it looks to me like there's also an appealing delicacy to him as well. I bet her hand writing is also pretty.

Mad Taylor said...

Those video tutorials rocked! Pretty inspiring stuff and I gave Bugs a stab. It's over on my blog. Thanks for the lesson!

Gustavo Rodrigues said...

Hi John ! I´m an animtion student from Brazil and I loved your last post.I´d like to show you my studies of the Heckling Hare...Oh and I made ohter study of Snibder´s cartoon (Falling Hare). I´d really appreciate if you can comment my sketch.



Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Heres my Heckling hare drawing, comments are appreciated.


Tal Moscovici said...

Hey John

The blog is sweet and the tutorials are even sweeter. It was awesome seeing and (sort of) speaking to you at LAAF. I was the salivating ogre that would constantly stare at you from across the room.

Thanks for checking out my sketchbook and for everything else you've ever done in your life!

stickboybob said...

i like cream. it is good!

stickboybob said...

i want to look down on humanity too! im just poor, thats all. :-(

Taber said...

Thanks for the magic teat goo spray John! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll definitely be donating, but I gotta wait 'til I'm done spending all my money here on vacation. It'll have to be in november

Dan Jackson said...

Did another construction study,
But on a different frame of Bugs.