Monday, October 29, 2007

"GIVE NOTES" on New t-shirts for christmas presents - YOU ARE THE EXECUTIVE

Aaron Simpson from Cold Hard Flash is gonna make some special T Shirts available for this Christmas season, but I need some help from you. This your chance to be creative executives and give me some notes.

I think we are gonna do 3 different designs but all the creative hasn't been totally decided yet.

T Shirt 1
(That will be printed on the shirt)
George's bad little nephew Slab has done something bad. I think he broke the new kitten and Ernie told on him. Now George gets to deliver his tough love.

a) on Model George smiley face

I've got 3 different expressions for George here. Which do do you like best?

b) Extra Excited George Smiley Face

c) Far Too Happy about Discipline Face

T Shirt 2
Gimme a catchy saying for this design!
I need a good saying to print with this pose of Sody Pop. Something that both guys and girls would proudly wear on their chests. I kinda wanted to relate it to the idea that hot chicks like cartoons or guys who read comic books, but that doesn't have to be it. Any ideas?

T Shirt 3

After reading all the comments on Eddie's post about this classic undergarment, I thought maybe we should reissue it.

Are you gonna buy it if we do?

By the way, all these will be specially printed on nice shirts. It's not a Cafe Press sort of thing, but I just wanna be sure enough folks are interested before we spend our own hard earned cash printing them.

Thanks for your notes!

Your best friend,



Brandon Ayers said...

I would say 'C' for george because it's so goddamn cartoony. And for the quote on the Sody shirt, "Sody didn't realize Timmy was an avid cartoon geek. Now she want's to bear his children!" Eh, that's all I could come up with. Lame but maybe a good springboard.

Jennifer said...

Okay, here's my opinion.

First Design - George and the Boys
I'm not sure if I like that design. Way too creepy for my tastes, especially the tattle tale boy who looks like he's staring at the other boy's bum.

Second Design - Sody
Sody is the best one and very marketable (IMO). Her character appeals to both sexes by being cute and sexy at the same time. I'll leave it to the more verbally creative readers to come up with a good saying about Sody.

I would wear this T-shirt when I'm at the gym or on the ice (when paired with a long-sleeve T).

Third Design - "What's this crap?"
Very very funny! I was laughing when I first saw it on Uncle Eddie's blog.

Would I wear this shirt? No - it's too masculine for my tastes. BUT - I still think it's very marketable. I can picture men buying and wearing this shirt.

david said...

Hey John for the 1st shirt i dont think drawing A works as well as the other 2 because the spanking hand seems too stiff just cause its so linear where in the other 2 designs the arm is the same but the hand makes it seem much more alive.

for drawing B i like that one a lot except the mouth open is a little distracting i think if you were to use that one i think that expression would be funnier with just the teeth showing and not the open mouth and tongue.

drawing C is my favorite one tho i love the mouth expression on that one. and the facial expression makes it feel like hes extremely happy to be giving his son a spanking but at the same time extremely disappointed. he doesn't know if he should smile or if he should cry.

For the 2nd shirt the first thing that came to mind was that her nipples remind me of batman's ears. Maybe u can have the shirt say " My Bat Senses Are Tingling" i dunno thats all that i can think of now but if i come up with something better ill post again.

Then for the would i buy it question. Honestly i dont have much money to spend so when i spend it i usually spend it on dvd boxsets or comic books rather than clothes so i probabaly wouldnt buy it but if i were to buy one id probabaly buy the 1st shirt.

Colter said...

I like the first expression of George Liquor a lot.

As for something for the Sody shirt.. I'll have to think about that one.

amir avni said...

George's arm is best in drawing A, his expression is best in drawing B. but his head should stay in 3 quarters, like A.
The drawing of Ernie is great!

As for Sody, I think the best man to ask is Richard Pursel, as he writes "Nothing drives a woman wilder than a man who can draw Flintstone"

Hmmm...or how about "Cartoons are for geeks? then Geeks are for me!"

The "What's this Crap" shirt is a must have.

Bitter Animator said...

On the first one, I love the expression of C (the far too happy one) but something about the angle of A grabs me. The expression on C is definitely much stronger and funny too. That said, I prefer the slappy hand from A just because it seems far clearer in terms of what's happening.

I'm no good with captions but the one that springs to mind is - "They're not fake, they're drawn". Just because she clearly doesn't have fake boobs and I love 'em natural, like my animation.

Not sure I'd buy the turd underwear.

Evan said...

I think you should combine t-shirts
1 and 2, and make Sody spanking Slab.
George could be watching proudly in the background.

It would a be more funny and appealing image...

diego cumplido said...

I like the "A" expression the most. And the "Rex and Champy" joke is hilarious: you should do something with those "unknown" characters.

diego cumplido said...

by the way, I've just posted the BUGS BUNNY lesson, but I'm not happy with the results... I'll probably re-draw it soon. Bye.

Charlie J. said...


If you reprint the third one, I will buy it, and so will many many others!

I think the george faces should be a little cuter, but #2 and #3 are pretty good.

diego cumplido said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm obviously no exec, but I personally like the "Far Too Happy about Discipline Face." It captures his character really well (better than the other versions of the shirt) and the expression looks specific. The on Model George smiley face looks kind of empty and vague. In the "Extra Excited George Smiley Face," George has too much love. He looks more insane than tough (George in that one reminds me of drug addicts. Sorry, John. I think I pulled a Peter Gal on that one.).

Does that help?

Gregg said...

Shirt 1:
I'd go with b.
It looks more like he's giving both love, and discipline.

a. looks too happy
c. looks too remorseful.

Sody Shirt: hMMMMmmmm.
What's she looking at John?
Or is that up to us to figure out?

I'll buy the third shirt.

Jósel said...

make these into tshirts pretty please?



I think those work way better as tshirt designs

Mitch Leeuwe said...

Me and my girl are going for C we think that that's the funniest one :)

Callum said...

T Shirt 1- I like design 1 the best- the others are a bit too sadistically creepy.

T shirt 2- Could say something like: 'REAL MEN prefer creator-driven' Or 'Hand-drawn'. Maybe something like 'You mean you watch cartoons and collect comic-books?' maybe add 'What a turn-on!/How manly!/What more could a girl want?
Best I could come up with, if I think of any better, I'll post again.

T shirt 3- Really cool design, I'd buy it. I think you should do more that sort of focus on Spumco, maube one that's like the ending cards of 'Ren and Stimpy'- (The Danes call it quality, with Jimmy) with a cool John K signature.

boootooons ltd. said...


when i was a kid, there were ten million ren and stimpy on nick! shirts to choose from, but only a few had radical designs ( like the black 'bloated sack of protoplasm' shirt which used an extreme take from big house blues ) and the rest were 'on model'.

i always wanted more, but only bought a few of the shirts because they were the only ones extreme enough. if you're doing these for me, then go with the third drawing of george.

in fact, i could stand to see a little more glee on ernie's face. that would be rock. but, if you don't have time maybe i could give it a whirl ( wink )?

as for sody? well, i'm perverted, but maybe you could turn her into a logo for a new type of english / canadian drinking ale: dickens cider. ( hint: say it out loud. )

and as for the what's this crap shirt? hell yes i'd buy it. i might even buy two since i missed the op last time they were available and also ALL of my old ren and stimpy shirts are destroyed from overwear.... so yeah.

we need more spumco stuff. any chance of re-doing any of the old ren and stimpy shirts? if these sell a lot, you should let viacom know it'd be smart to let you re-issue and redesign some of the old ren and stimpy and ripping friends shirts.

i'd buy multiples of those too. we all would, wouldn't we, fellas?

- trevor

Will Finn said...

given how sick i am of getting notes i'll abstain from giving them, although i think 'SODY LOVES CARTOON GEEKS" is already a fine t-shirt caption.
put me down for all three Santa Klaws.

jesus chambrot said...

When I look at Sody all I can think is "Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy".

LeoBro said...

I appreciate that you try to avoid generic expressions, but in this case I like George A best. There's a clear arc from George's hand through the arm around to the butt, and then onto the boy's crying face, that makes the spank more forceful. George's left arm completes the circle back to George's smile. It's the contrast between the spanked boy crying and George smiling that makes the joke work best.

"You're a cartoonist?! Can I be in your next cartoon?"

Ryan G. said...

Hey John..I like the first (a) George expression, but maybe change the hand to the (b) hand.

Maybe Sody could say, "Cartoonists make me moist"

The last shirt is a sure seller.

All in all these are great shirt ideas. Ill definitely pick a couple up.

Chickens And Beandip said...

Sody can be saying" Alternative Fuel sources!

Dan! said...

The "What's this crap" shirt I love, that's my favorite and I'd definitely buy that.

I have to second Jennifer on on George's design, though. I think it's funny, but it's not something I'd wear, personally.

A Sody shirt would be really cool.

Random caption ideas:
"Sexy Sody" instead of "Sexy Sadie"? Maybe the lyrics to that Beatles song can be parodied in some way? "She made a toon of everyone, Sexy Sody"?

Maybe something simple like, "Chick's dig a cartoon geek"?
A bit cliche, but it works.

Not sure what else.

PCUnfunny said...

1.Model B

2."Nerd's need bigger rubbers !"

3.Re-issue that shirt

Erik Griott said...

first shirt: obviously i like the most extreme one, its the most fun and suggests a lot that people would rather not think about, which is awesome!

for the sody shirt: how about (picture of sody) + (picture of pencil) = love (or picture of a heart). that's pretty universal, and funny. especially if its a realistic heart, with arteries and ventricals and stuff. and bleeding. that would be sweet! and i'd be one of the first to buy one.

if you just want text, ma~ybe...: (picture of sody) pops my cartoon cherry.

last shirt: i like it a lot, but it's not very christmasy, if that's what you're going for. i'd wear it tho

Taber said...

Sody: Cartoonists make life less depressing!

Wonkey the Monkey said...

Possible quotes for Sody:

"Cartoons make me giddy!"

"You like CARTOONS too?!"


NextGen (Hector) said...

I pick A.

Slogan: [love]Geeks[/love]

(Replace the [ and ] with < and > ... for some reason blogger won't allow it:

Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: [love] (again replace with < > )


And yes, I know, that slogan rocks. :) Feel free to use it as long as I get credit and a free shirt! Haha.

Adele K Thomas said...

I like the first George face...It looks like he has just instructed to the viewer what he is doing and then motioning 'heh? heh?', you know like...for you to agree with his actions. AND I like his stiff hand, it look really hard and hit-worthy...looks like it would have alot of force behind it and snapping if it was animated...I just like the first one best.

Sean Worsham said...

My favorite design is "B" for George Liquor. It evokes that he's giving his brand of love and that he's really into it and happy about it. C looks similar, but the expression doesn't convey what he is thinking as much as B :).

Sean Worsham said...

As for Ernie, I would've made him give a "Thumbs Up" and a wink to the camera XD

Barbara said...

I like the picture of Sody just by herself if you ask me. If someone thought the text was cheesy it might turn them off buying it, but everyone would buy it for the art. Or if you need text, something short & simple like "Love Cartoons" etc..

the c George is the best, but make the kid more in pain. We're all sadists here.

The What's this Crap shirt is so awesome..

Chris S. said...

As much as I love all three - choice A the "on Model George smiley face" is perfection.

Frank Macchia said...

on the sody pop shirt it should say

"animators do it 12 times a second"

CartoonSteve said...

"What's this crap?" is funny but how about this:

"Who Dood It?"

Steve said...

Hi. I can't draw. But I know what I like.

Im tempted to say C because I think that will make you run screaming to A...

...but that's dishonest.

I like A because it captures the pure joy of the hitting... not just the hitting that happened, but the additional hitting to come.

C. A. M. Thompson said...

I'm not sure I'd wear it but the "far too happy" spanking George one with your caption really made me laugh.

How about something with the characters from Weekend Pussy Hunt?

flashcartoons said...

i think a spumco logo shirt would be cool, maybe each letter a different color

jennifer borrell anderson's sketch blog said...

Second Design:
"all john's children got a blog"

i am very exited for tee shirts!

Bleego! said...

I love option "A" for George. The expression is classic and I think the composition as a whole reads better (the starry hand in the latter version starts breaking down for me). Definitely print these us! I'll be all over them. :)

But, of the three shirts, "Discipline" is the one must have for me.

Bleego! said...

Also, I really like G's hand in the first mock-up. He's got that meaty firm spanking hand, typical of "hard love" fathers. It's like an Army Drill Sargeant spanking you, very precise posing, spanking you can set your watch to.

The second ones feel "indecisive". lol

NateBear said...

i will by all 3 in multiple sizes just in case i undergo dramatic weight changes

NateBear said...

oh and i like B for the George shirt. My sconend pick is a); it's a little too conservative for mass production but it makes the point. C) is great and extreme but i don't think it conveys the ironic joys George feels for doing the right thing. He looks more conflicted than anythings else, and that just confusies the point.

Therefore my choice is B). It has a good does of insanity but George's joy and pride are still immediately recognized.

NateBear said...

Jennifer: what if it were Sody on the lawn saying "what's this crap!?"? I think that's be hilarious, although out of character. perhap she's eb standing over Cigarettes' litter box.

Whit said...

You should approach Pampers to license and GIVE the "What's this Crap?" t-shirt away at retirement homes. Old people love to laugh about deteriorating bowel habits. Isn't such wholesome fun what the entertainment industry is all about?

Kirk said...

Oh yeah, I'll buy it.

Julián höek said...

i agree with josel, that drawing of jimmy+sody+pencil would be awesome for a t-shirt!

Jorge "Jay" Garcia said...

For the first design I like option B the best. I'm trying to picture his face being 3/4 rather than looking straight at us..

But the shirt I will definetly buy is Sody's. ;)
Pcunfunny's "Nerd's need bigger rubbers !" made me laugh. Perhapos some would prefer "geek" instead.
"They're not fake, they're drawn!" by Bitter Animator gets my vote too.. But regardless of what she says I'll buy this one.

Any idea what the price range would be? XD

Rafi animates said...

"Cartoon geek, you make my knees weak"


the 3rd George works best for me, but the joy in his face is still a tad vague - like tighten it up and add a little more appeal. Not sure what direction the raised hand is in - i.e. has it just come back up, or about to go down, perhaps add a little bend to the hand overall? Other than that, 3rd option is definitely in the right direction.

Kirk said...

George's first expression works the best, for me. Just the pure joy of a lesson learned (the hard way). I'm enjoying this as much as you aren't.

Annette said...

Let's Go Geek!
Geeks make me weak!

I speak Geek

I like the "what's this crap" t-shirt because i can actually hear the crap slapping on the ground when I look at this shirt. But I wouldn't wear it-maybe its something about presenting crap on my body..but it is fucking funny!

i also like the first George illustration

more_clever_monkeys said...

hey all! here is our slogan/design for the Sody t-shirt! I reckon guys and gals would wear it as it could either reads like she's saying it, or reacting to it! Yeah?

Anyhoo, just had some photoshop time on our hands...and some excess love for Sody! Now back to comics and beer :)

Anonymous said...

Hi,I did that 100,000 animation course a while back and have now done some animation samples if you wanna see. Would really appreciate feedback.Thanks


bongo said...

I may be a week late (and a dollar short)
but here's my two cents:
I think "c" captures George's personality best - though image "A" has the most commercial appeal... but then who would be buying this shirt other than those already familair with George?

Here's Sody's caption:
"I Love a Man with a BIG... Personality"

Would I personally buy any of these designs? if I had any diposable income - yes. Being a proud Ren&Stimpy fan that doesn't currently own any R&S wearables - I'd probably lean towards something sporting their image first however.

Bill K said...

I loved my 'What's this Crap T-shirt so much, I searched the web for another one, and here I am. Please, please PLEASE re-make this shirt.

Anonymous said...

Heh. "Rex and Chimpy".

I'd buy one of those in a split second.

Anonymous said...

And I agree: C is definately good for George. And the "What Is This Crap" one is great too.

But a line for a Sody T-Shirt? I can't think of one.