Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Favorite Horror Films

Tom Blunt at AMC asked me what horror films influenced me. Here are a few.

Beautiful scene of exposition!


They quoted me saying this:

Would Kricfalusi ever try making one himself? "I wouldn't mind making my own live-action horror movie, if I had another lifetime to live. I'd make up for all the things that pissed me off about monster movies when I was a kid -- get rid of all the filler and give them what they want!" (The Monster)

What I meant was, it's a horror movie tradition to hardly ever show you the monster. They wait till the last second or make you suffer through some cheesy romance between 2 characters with no personality or some retarded plot line, when all you want is the fear and horror.

It's the Hollywood executive theory that the audience can't sit through 90 minutes of solid entertainment - in any genre! They think you need boring parts in between.
There are a few movies that have disproven the rule- Naked Gun, Night of The Hunter, The Raven, Detective Story, Champion and a handful of others.