Friday, July 18, 2008

Jim Smith needs a cleanup artist

Jim Smith is just about the most talented artist I've worked with. His drawings leave me in awe. They are solid and funny at the same time.Jim is doing some dynamite design and layouts on the George Show and I want to give him some help. I don't want to waste his time cleaning up his own roughs when he could be doing more drawings. The more Jim drawings in the cartoons, the more fun they will be!
He has a very specific elusive style and I need an assistant who has a natural eye for solid manly drawings and good perspective.
There are a lot of subtleties in Jim's style and I want to capture those.
You have to be really careful when putting a clean line down on his drawings that it doesn't flatten them out. No mechanical straight lines or even curves. Solid and organic at the same time.
The best way for a young cartoonist to break into the business is to be able to clean up the work of a star. You absorb a lot of information by osmosis. ( although we wouldn't turn down someone with experience either.)

This is how all the old cartoon animators learned their craft and why the cartoons kept getting better and better over the years.

Now so much of the important creative work is sent overseas or done in flash, that we don't have much apprenticeship opportunity left.

I would ideally like to have an artist who lives in LA, but if you are really good and live elsewhere we can try the email thing.

Are you man enough to work for Jim? Better start pumping some iron.


Mitch L said...

Wow cool job!

I need to practise this kinda stuff, would be so cool to be able to do that.

These drawings look allready solid and constructed. For the cleanup of these drawings. Do you use a light table or something?

Dina Noto said...
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JohnK said...

anyone that can draw manly

even if you were a duck and could do a good job

The Jerk said...

I tried my pencil at one of these quickly as
a sample of what i might do, despite living on the east coast...

chrisallison said...

Would this be a full time gig, John? I got a day job, but would love to work with Jim.

Fabián Fucci said...

I would have loved that position some 10 years ago, when I was starting as an artist in a local animation studios. These roughs look like fun for an assistant!

Michael said...

I would jump at the chance to do this and would gladly do it for free.
However, I have no experience and would never be considered for the job. What I would really like to see is a post on the mechanics that are involved with the day to day.
And some more images to play with.
Surely there are others that would like to play pretend that we get to work on this stuff for a living?

Captain Napalm said...

You as in George-manly? George is very manly, no doubt. But what about the other stuff? Is that toaster manly, or is it just a toaster? (And BTW, if you're talking about solid construction....I've seen some solidly constructed women in my day, let me tell you...)

Lynsey said...

Such a great oppertunity!

Anonymous said...

I can feel my chesthair growing.

Peggy said...

I would be so tempted if I was still hanging around LA - I learnt a lot from the close examination of Jim's drawings I did when I was putting together the Chestaclese animatic.

Good luck finding someone who can find the right line down the middle of some of those big, thick scribbles!

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

G'day John,
I'm gonna try cleaning up some of these today, they're great!!!! I'll let you know.
Looks like it's gonna be the most awsomest cartoons ever!!!! jejeje it looks like it's coming along thick and fast!!!can't wait to see it!!

Ian M said...

I gave it a shot.

Michelle Klein-Hass said...

Good to see those wonderful Jim pencils again. Freaking awesome. Now I know why he's been so busy.

Julián Höek said...

What an amazing oportunity to lern by working with a Big-Shot Hollywood Cartoonist!

I deffinetly want to apply for that job!!
here's the link to my blog

I have experience doing clean ups as an assistant animator and here is a little bit more about me

Hope to hear from you

Fuzzhound Lluis said...

G'day John!

I've tried cleaning up the Jim Smith drawings, they are so good!! especially the kitchen one and the one of him on the couch with his wifes arse on the wall and him with a kind of satisfied face....I love it... anyway you can have a look here you or anyone can pick out their faults and say what I have done wrong... if we can all benefit from my mistakes,it's all good to me.

all the best

Copyright©2008JamesMartin - unless marked otherwise said...

I live in Finland, which rules me out, but I want to apply anyhow. Here's my portfolio >


Chloe Cumming said...

Now that's an appealing job. More appealing than working in the yoghurt isle in Morrisons. Or even the pie department.

In all seriousness, I'm seriously thinking of moving to LA, and one day maybe I'll be honoured to clean up Jim's drawings for you.

David Holm said...

I did two cleanup drawings. Tell me what you think.

Caleb said...

I posted a couple of cleanups on my blog.

These drawings are fun to work on.

John S said...

What a great opportunity! It would really help with my blind spots. I don't live anywhere near LA though.

my blog

David said...

Hi John!

Today I've been busy inking your George layouts, later on I will try to ink Jim's. Here is the link:

George Layout Inks

Please, tell me what you think!!

David said...

Hey John!

Thanks for the compliment! I will try Jim's drawings right away! I made them in Illustrator, that's right.
And I think you already have my email, if not :

Deemo said...

Hey John

I took a shot at the drawings but I had a brain fart and actually drew everthing over again instead.

If you can check them out and tell me what you think that would be great.

I need to go clean up the original drawings, so ill post them later.


Deemo said...

Hey John I sent you a message earlier talking how I put some drawings up on my blog. There not on thery're now because im having trouble will my blog right now so ill post everything again soon when its working.

Jim said...

Caleb, David, Fuzzhound...

Did you guys use tracing paper or a light table for those clean-ups?


I presume a light table is used (was used) in the industry? Also, what size is that paper that you use with the punch holes? Is that the 12f?


Jim said...

Caleb, David, Fuzzhound...

Did you guys use tracing paper or a light table for those clean-ups?


I presume a light table is used (was used) in the industry? Also, what size is that paper that you use with the punch holes? Is that the 12f?


Ryan G. said...

Hey John and Jim. I put up some Inks on my blog. click here Im in Chicago but would love to work via email.

Caleb said...

Hi Jim,
Mine were done in Flash, I will use my light table today for more sketches. I'll post a comment here when they are up, thanks for looking.

Gregg said...

Here's my

Deemo said...

Hey john I finally got everything together ive been having problems with uploading pictues all day.

I put everything up on my blog all the clean ups, and I drew every one of the drawings. So let me know what you think.


Dana Vold said...
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Aaron Paetz said...

Hey John!

Just got done cleaning up my Jimmy, errrr... Jim's Jimmy... uhh, you know what i mean.

Anyways, here's the link:

Dana Vold said...

Sorry, links weren't working before.

I put up some pictures on imageshack, hopefully they will work.

George looks at clock.

George Sits in his chair.

George loves his bible.

George stares down the cameraman.

Idiot boy.

Let me know if this is any good, and if not, I'd love to know what to work on. Thanks! (This was done in Illustrator, by the way.)

The Ol' DB said...

I'm one of those who'd probably do it for free (or a credit nod), just for the sake of experience.

I also have the advantage of being a semi-pro working animator while going to school.

I manage my own site, so files via email/web server are no problem.

and I'd just have fun doing animation for/with one of the greats.

For refs/art and such,


Aaron Paetz said...

Thanks for checking it out, John!

I actually did it in photoshop on my cintiq. I just put up another one, this time of George.

I'd me ready to work on Monday, and live in Burbank.

HemlockMan said...

Where will the completed toons appear?

David Holm said...

I tried cleaning up using illustrator. Some pointers would be nice if anyone has some points to share.

Dina Noto said...
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Caleb said...

I posted a light table cleanup

David said...

Hey John,

Here are my attempts at inking Jim's wonderful drawings:

Jim's Layouts - inks by me

Colter said...

Hey John

Not sure if you've found anyone yet for it, but I'm game and need the work :P.

Jeff Read said...

I'd love to do cleanup work on a Kricfalusi position!

I'd even move to dirty old LA!

BTW, Wikipedia says you were working on something with Bakshi called Bobby's Girl, a "1950s teen comedy". I love all things from the 50s, and would totally love to see something like that succeed. Did you ever think about reviving that project?

NateBear said...

I know you already picked an artist but some i had the idea that i could do better. SO i gave it a shot.

Even a quick criti/observation would be would appreciated.

Alex said...

Dear Mr. K

I'm writing in response to the position available as a clean up artist for Jim Smith. I'm interested in this position because Jim's loose style reminds me so much of my own. I can pick out the nuances and the strongest forms from these gestures and deliver something functional. I would love the opportunity to apprentice and learn under a more experienced artist. I would be greatly humbled if you took a look at my blog;

I have some examples of my own penciled work and some finished stuff I've done. Thanks for your time and consideration.


Alex App

praveenboss said...

good work ... great goin... visit mine...link1

CocoKris said...

Hi John,

Thanks for making such a great opportunity available. I would be honored to be considered for the position. Please look at my work at:

Let me know what you think.

javier suppa said...

amazing layouts
exelent john

King Otho said...

I'm gonna try, but first I have to get some MEAT! I'll start with a light steak, and move on to some ribs. Then, if I still feel I need it, maybe a local application of some raw sausage will do the trick. I'll let you know when they're ready.


King Otho said...

Ok, the meat took longer than I thought, but here's the stuff:

Thank you!


Damon Lee said...

Hi john,

My name is Damon lee and I’ve been involved in the New Zealand animation industry for over fifteen years.
I would love the chance to work on your show and would like to submit some clean up examples.
I couldn’t find an address on your blog site to send my work.
Could you please send me an email address or inform me of some other way to contact you.
I am looking to relocate to the states some time next year.
Much appreciated.

Cheers, Damon.

Damon Lee said...
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Damon Lee said...

Hi John,

Check out my blog - simply click on my name to view your friend George Liquor. Let me know what you think.


Webbly said...

I would love a shot to break into the business. you can see my stuff @