Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mort Drucker's Bob Hope and extra treats

Mort Drucker is an all around great cartoonist. Everyone knows his caricatures and movie parodies in Mad Magazine and lots of artists copy him - superficially. They copy his surface, the little squiggly lines he cross-hatches with, the Searle noses and stuff.

But it's not just his details that make him great. It's his grasp and control of all the essential drawing tools.

He's great at girls too.

He seems to be heavily influenced by Owen Fitzgerald. The way he composes his characters together in a scene, the opposing poses, the groups of characters as blocks of people, the use of negative shapes...
He draws really cartoony cars that still are solid, and he can draw anything from any angle.
His clean compositions, full of pleasing negative shapes to draw your attention to the filled shapes.Hierarchy of forms within forms.

I'm gonna break down some of his skills in further posts.

From what I hear, Drucker is self-taught! He looks like he has many influences: illustrations, animated cartoons, comic strips, comic books. His style tells me he is a big fan himself of cartoons and drawings of many styles. He puts them all together in a completely unique and fun way - and it looks like he is really having fun too.


Thanks to Sherm for finding this stuff! Hey Sherm, gimme the link to the site it all came from!

And thanks Alex for giving it to me....