Friday, July 04, 2008

Mort Drucker Compositions/Layouts

Mort uses the same big picture idea that Owen, Gross, Kurtzman and Frazetta uses, but also adds little details (like crosshatching) on the last levels.

First Level: Ground plane and Sky.
2nd level: Driveway on Hill and road
Next level: Hill split into driveway and vegetation
Next level: Vegetation split into grass and bushes. Note that there is more negative space (the grass) than filled space (the bushes)
Next level The bushes make a long organic form that flows along the hill and driveway.
Next level: Then the bushes are broken into separate rounded forms that flow along the overall long form.
Final level: Each individual bush is broken into an outline of leaves hat radiate along the organic form of the bush.

7 levels- each smaller one is subject to the form of the next level up. No level exists in its own wonky abstract plane ignorant of the the overall picture.


HemlockMan said...

It's amazing to see the attention paid to the art in these old comics and compare them to the modern crap that passes as comics artwork.

Raff said...

This stuff is good! No one else is commenting here?

Mattieshoe said...

Hey john,

will you be at the San Diego Comic Con this month?

I've heard Ralph Bakshi is going.