Monday, December 07, 2009

The Anatomy of God Fearing Americans

someone sent me this perfect comparison, but I forget who...remind me so I can give you credit!


George Liquor


David Gale said...

Can you tell those of us who are young and ignorant and Canadian who this fellow is?

Jack G. said...

Hoover was one scary American.

I'd like to think George isn't that evil.

Trey Brown said...

I wish I had pictures of my grandpa doing those faces. Absolutely spot on. Just another reason that makes george liquor so perfect.

thomas said...

its good comparison of faces, but the personalities are very different. I don't think J Edgar had anything working class about him, if he did he, worked hard to conceal it. I think his personality had an aristocratic mannered-ness.

RooniMan said...

Holy crap, they're brothers!

Felix Petruška said...

To tell the truth, I've always seen in your George a lot of this other famous (and American) George.

(...and a little bit of this guy too — warning: bawling)

Jack G. said...

For David Gale:

J. Edgar Hoover

Hoover was a dark figure in my country's history.

Pete Emslie said...

One thing's different between them for sure - George Liquor would never be caught wearing a goddam dress!!

David said...

"George Liquor would never be caught wearing a goddam dress!!"

Neither, apparently, would J.Edgar Hoover.

An oldie, but a goodie, but like most UL's will never die.

Myth of J. Edgar Hoover as Cross-dresser


pappy d said...


I resent the implication that America is afraid of God. Surely, that can't be our response to 9/11!

Folks in this country don't cotton to being Lord'ed over. That's precisely why we overthrew His Anointed Majesty in 1776. Everyone from Maj. Hasan to those 7th Day Adventist baby-rapists just up the road from the Bush ranch put his loyalty to God above the Flag of the United States of America.

I, for one am not afraid to say Whom is at the top of al-Quaeda's organisational pyramid.

That's because I'm posting under a pseudonym.

Peter Bernard said...

Pete Emslie stole my line! And that guy David is a party-pooper.