Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve With Manic Mom

"Whoever taught you to decorate like that!!???"

"LOOK! I had every one of these ornaments numbered and arranged so that everything would be perfectly color coordinated!!
"GGAWWWWD! I have to do everything around here! Lemme show you!"

"Remember, the man upstairs can see everything we do! We gotta impress Him!!!"
Cut to the Prince Of Heaven peeking in on everyone's business on His flatscreen TV.
Jesus: "Y'know after a couple thousand of these birthdays, it's pretty hard to impress me. I dig that blue hair though."

Mom: "Here now, watch a pro!"
"Ta Da! Now that's how you decorate the Christmas Hippie!"


HemlockMan said...

You've obviously met my wife.

RooniMan said...

Sheesh, I don't even want to know what she gives as gifts.

Niki said...

That's hilarious! I wish this was on TV so bad!

Pedro Vargas said...

hahaha how could I have not seen the dad be the tree? very cool!

Merry Christmas, John!

lastangelman said...

Wow, that almost looks like some of Katie's style. The blue hair is impressive. Hope you had a Merry One!

Gary Wintle said...

It's refreshing to see a cartoon that's not afraid to make fun of the mom. It seems so many cartoons (and advil commercials) always make the husband really dumb and the wife the completely balanced one.

Love the hippy dad though, of course (like I'm seeing myself in the future).

AShortt said...

OMGawd, Geezus and his flat screen! Gad but that's good!

Kat Lamp said...

Oh so funny! My sides hurt! Happy hollandaise!

Obsessive Compulsive Cartoons said...

Really nice drawings,I love the style!
Just curious,what kind of markers are you using?

Herman G said...

So readable and entertaining, Merry Christmas over there too, John.

O gato said...

It's like I'm looking at my own mother!