Thursday, December 10, 2009

Slab's First Fist: 8 Battle Begins

Both combatants simultaneously deliver a punishing blow.
Slab is bruised but not out.

DB fires a kick to the head with furious webbed force.

Slab's hurt! He has a mouth full of crushed jawbone and teeth fragments!

This would finish any regular bully, but it just makes Slab mad!Oh! A perfect driving elbow to the solar plexus from the ring bastard!

Followed by a flying knee! This could be it, folks! Nobody should have to take this kind of punishment!
Donald is jumping up and down! He's taunting his opponent! Oh the humiliation!"
Slab looks to his corner! "WhattadoIdo now 'Ern??!"
Ernie advises: "Do that move we learned in Sunday School!"

Slab leaps into a bill-crunching Superman punch! "What a fight! What a fight!"
Donald is knocked to the matt. He's on his back! "Ground and pound 'im like Father McGinty showed ya, Slab!" shouts Ernie! "Pretend he's one o' those ATHEIST duck bastards!"

Slab dives on the dazed mallard.

To be continued...

Original Doodles Glitch:
There are still some doodles left and I added a new set.


Can you do me a favor though? If you put one in the shopping basket, then change your mind, please take it out of the basket. Otherwise it says "This one is gone." Then other people think it is no longer available. Last night someone put every drawing in a shopping basket and made other people think there were no doodles left.

If you see any other glitches, let me know.


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Anonymous said...

hillarious stuff man!!! hillarious!

Davi Calil said...

This is getting better and better..

awesome fight mr John K!!!

Jack Kirby would be proud :)

Anonymous said...

What still gets me is I have no clue how you're able to do all of this on notebook paper. Awesome work John K.

Michael said...

Good Point! How come all this is on notebook paper? It's like it was done instead of doing homework.

The Artist Aficionado said...

Make Donald Bastard eat spinach like Popeye. Then he will throttle Slab.

The Artist Aficionado said...
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Lampshade said...

Wouldn't Slab have to be super stiff to do the Superman punch?

The Artist Aficionado said...

In the tradition of demonic Mickey Mouses in Fleischer cartoons Donald Bastard is the juvenile version of Donald Duck.

The Mickey mouse parodies appeared all over Talkartoons.

Guy said...

Somehow, it is even more genius.

Brian Godinez said...

Yes!!! As I read these I can almost hear Joe Rogan screaming his head off.

"Now we get to see what Slab and the Bastard's ground game looks like. Ground 'n pound, baby!"

Elana Pritchard said...

Donald! Get up! Use the touch of death!

K. Nacht said...

So glad to See Don Bastard in such beautiful, full-fledged conflict!

Inspired roughs, maestro!

nktoons said...

I have to agree with Davi....the strip does seem to be gaining momentum! I really enjoyed the fight scene and think that it's your best strip yet, btw keep the grey beak on ol Donald Bastard.

Paul B said...


SoleilSmile said...

Hey John, did you hear the Ren and Stimpy nod on NPR?
There a story on chihuahuas in animal shelters and the Ren and Stimpy theme was played at the end of the segment.
Listeners wrote back to NPR to thank "All Things Considered" for the chuckle.

You may even see some business soon!


Paul B said...

I can't see the site with the selling doodles! It isn't available in my country?

RooniMan said...

Damn, those drawings are INTENSE!!

Guy Cx said...

"Pretend he's one o' those ATHEIST duck bastards!"

Brilliant!! When is George joining the fight?

georgeliquor said...

That drawing of Kaspar about to fight the tree is one of the best drawings I've ever seen. I was upset last night when I found out it was sold...but when you revealed it was actually available, I snatched it up faster than the speed of light. You're my favorite cartoonist, and I love your work. I have two humble requests though. [Come on, man. I'd be willing to buy more bacon doodles, wink wink, nudge nudge]

1. Please do more polished drawings. I LOVE your sketches, but the loose leaf lines are annoying, and it's more like a rough storyboard than a comic. Those layout/ink kids could help.

2. PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE do more George Liquor and Jimmy the Idiot Boy! I have the original four Spumco Comics issues. I love the republican and retard. :-P

-Taco Wiz
your biggest fan

PS: I've seen ALMOST all of your work. My parents wont let me watch APC (you should've done a more PG revival), and the layouts in The Ripping Friends are just not that good.

Ryan G. said...

Nice! I was waiting for that GSP superman punch. It was well worth the wait.

Isaac said...

That's more exciting than I ever thought a cartoon fight can be.

Ash Collins said...

just consistently awesome drawings here.
also, i usually get your RSS through google reader, but today is the first time that a post has showed up with images in it. what did you change?

Ollie said...

Wow, what an epic battle! I can't wait to see what happens next. Great drawings John!

RobochaoXX said...

Man I've never seen a fight drawn so well. These pictures come to life like actual animation or something, like a Calvin and Hobbes strip.

Love this to deth

SunshineFox said...

Hey John, mainly spurred from the the "girl shirts" post earlier... curious what youre thoughts on Nickelodeons "The Mighty B" ? obvious differences but in some ways almost spumco'ish

and I heard from Alex Deligiannis on Twitter, he says the show was canceled a week or so ago? sad if true =/

O gato said...

The things they teach kids in Sunday school these days!

dave said...

those Donald Bastard poses are freaking genius

Sven Hoek said...

No, not spinach, he should down a fifth of scotch and get some crazy retarded cartoon duck powers and knock Slab for a loop.

Then George would have to come and break it up.

vhpayes said...

Awesome! that's got to be the first time BJJ has been used in a cartoon fight. Maybe it's end in an arm bar or rear naked choke? but I don't see either one of these guys submitting.

Btw are you going to watch the fights tonight? Just wondering who you'll be cheering for. BJ Penn or Diego Sanchez?

I'm for Penn.

Kaiser Fate said...

This started out weird but now it's just plain crazy. I'm loving it.