Friday, December 04, 2009

Slab's First Fist 2

Ernie: "It's Slab's new fist! He reached Pooberty today!"Bobby Bigloaf: "I wanna see!"
Ernie: "C'mon out Bobby Bigloaf. Don't be afraid! We're your friends!"
Slab's young fist throbs like a little hot MF.
Ernie: "Cool, huh, Bobby Bigloaf?"
SQUEEEENCH! Ernie: "Well, whaddaya think of Pooberty, Bobby?"
Bobby runs to get some. "Bobby Bigloaf: "Want, want!!"
Bobby: "WOW! I never seen pooberty before! Does it hurt?"
Slab: "OWWW! It really does, Bobby!"
Slab: "Say, Ern, whaddoo I do with this thing? It's really burning!"
Ernie whispers a secret in Slab's unspoiled ear.
Bobby: "Gee whiz, that's keen! I wish I had a burning pooberty!"
Slab is willing to share.
Slab: "You want some of this poison, Bobby Bigloaf?"
Slab: "Take that ya Fattypants!" Bobby wheezes up lung chunks as the gift of fist sinks unresistingly into soft flab.Bobby realizes quickly: "Hey! Waitaminute! I don't think you are my friends! I think you're BULLIES!"

Ernie: "You're pretty swift, Bobby Bigloaf! Didja get that big fat brain on the blogosphere??" Slab wonders at his first beat down. Then nature takes over and it feels so right.
A slow motion fist advances towards a soft mass of nerve endings, gums and flimsy braces...


To be continued...


Bob Lilly said...

This is a perfect story Slab and Ernie. Just like a story about going all day without losing his temper is a Donald Duck story and would not work for Snoopy. Great character-driven story telling here. As usual, I am hooked and anxious to see where this goes. Come visit.

Kali Fontecchio said...
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Mitch K said...

I love this cartoon idea.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, what a dork! Pooberty sure smarts!

I did some more Kaspar studies, of them i'm almost proud of! If you have a second would you...?


Much appreciated.


The Butcher said...

I like how this guy is getting what he deserves. Even if he didn't make idle threats on the internet, he has a furry poster.

This beating is for his own good.

Sean Volpicella said...

Nice Donald Bastard shirt, Bobby

RooniMan said...

Sock it to him, Slab!

O gato said...

Pet of the month?! He deserves to be punched for having that alone!

Carmine said...

OMG, this is great! I wish this was a cartoon on tv.

So, is Bobby Bigloaf the same guy from that awesome Raketu ad?

Trevor Thompson said...

Poor Bobby Bigloaf.

Jake Thomas said...

I can imagine his fists being like Snuffles from Quick Draw. Then every time he hits Bigloaf it's all "MMMM MMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMM Aaaaaaah"hugging itself, floating up off his wrist and floating back down onto it.

Ash Collins said...

this is awesome and awful at the same time. on the one hand theres great drawings, and some net-living troll getting a beating. on the other hand, it seems like a really gross metaphor for the real effects of puberty :/

Michael said...

I can't help but wonder. Did I prompt this because I posted your's and my Toon Thoughts on another blog? If so, I'm not that fat and I'll try to keep it down from now on.

Davi Calil said...

uau, I am loving this story too.

awesome drawings.


Trevor Thompson said...

Who did Bobby's voice in that ad, John? It sounds like it was recorded with a crummy computer mic.

Next time, let me record your talent for you. I can record it with decent equipment and can compress it so it sounds perfect. I'll do it for free if I have to.

Mr. Tat said...

Caricature of bullies vs. caricature of a nerd. That's one beatdown I'd like to see animated.

I like where this is going. Slab and Ernie have their wins. Bobby Bigloaf has his. It's not one-sided to the point of not being entertaining anymore. Then again, maybe it's too early to comment on how the victories are distributed.

There's kittens, elephant sharks, and all the chicks in the world to imagine the continuation of puberty if anyone is inclined to do so.

Ross Irving said...

The past few times I've seen Bobby Bigloaf, the only voice that comes to mind is Henchman 21 from the Venture Bros, I don't know if you've ever watched that show or not, though. He's voiced by Christopher McCullough.

The furry poster in the back of his room is a nice touch. I'm totally getting the innuendo from the story as well.

JohnK said...



the story is all on the surface

The Artist Aficionado said...

Is the kid on steroids or something? This is an interesting Slab and Ernie because what it symbolizes something, Bobby Bigloaf represents the trolls who come onto on this blog.

The fandom people who are uninspired and look at the latest crap on television. Who will rant on the boards to get there point across.

I wish more people knew more about traditional animation principles.

JohnK said...

Be nice. Cartoonists can't live without fans.

I was a Bobby Bigloaf when I was a kid - a skinny version.

The Artist Aficionado said...

I know we all start out as Bobby Bigloafs. But some of us decide to seriously become artists at some point.

Some fans who aspire to become big don't met it halfway.

mike f. said...

He deserves it for being a furry. And an aspiring cartoon writer.