Friday, December 11, 2009



In case you've come into the stories in the middle, or want to read them top to bottom in order, Isaac helped me make a site that automatically keeps them in order.
The magic of technology astounds me.


Squigglefunk said...

not sure where to send this or if it's relevant or if you already know about it but there's a pretty fun new online doodle pad program

just a heads up

Evham said...

You need to publish these in comic form, I love the narrated format, almost like a screwy golden book. I see the alternative press expo in it's your future. -Evan

talkingtj said...

so much inspired madness and violence, im gonna count this as a christmas gift-thanks john and happy holidays!

RooniMan said...


martinus said...

Hi John.

I am an almost obsessive reader of your blog. I may not always agree with what you have to say, but I sure do find your entries entertaining and I have certainly learned a thing or two about cartooning and been much more critical of my own work because of this blog.

Now I don't really know if this is the appropriate place to post this, but after reading your posts on voice acting (The ones with the Mel blanc and Yogi Bear clips) I would love to hear your opinion on how everyone is going crazy and getting offended by Jim Cumming's caricatured Cajun firefly character in the Princess and The Frog.

Now don't get me wrong... I know how you feel about the "Sassy Disney Princess" and the general generic Disney movies, but my point doesn't really relate to the movie itself but to the fact that people are upset that this character is somehow racist.
My argument is why isn't Yosemite Sam equally offensive to Southerners or Bugs offensive to people from the Bronx.

This to me suggets that it's not only the movie execs responsible for the current idea that kids movies-especially animated ones, need to be so extremely politically correct. Do you think there is room for a movie with a bit more edge and a lot less "Tude" and Oprah sensibilities without causing a huge backlash against it?

Hope my post wasn't too long.
If there's a more appropriate place for these comments please let me know.


georgeliquor said...

Thanks for organizing, John/Isaac/whoever's responsible! There's still scattered stories, concepts, and pitches all over John K Stuff and John K Pitch, especially the latter. But this is still great.

PS: I love your cartoons and comics! Keep drawing, Mr. Kricfalusi!

Mitch K said...

These are hilarious!