Saturday, March 06, 2010

Anyone Remember Slimies?

Here is more proof that kids who grew up in the 50s and 60s experienced a Golden Age of fun and pampering.
This is what "The Greatest Generation" made all their sacrifices for. They grew up poor, during the depression and then had to go fight Nazis in the ugliest war in history.
Why did they do it? For their kids. So we could have TV, Mad Magazine, comic books, cartoons, Nutty Mads and these oily slimies. Not to mention 3 meals a day, security and clean underwear.
So what did the kids who grew up with this pampering do?
They took all this cool stuff away from the next generations of kids - and then what did that even more remote generation do? They went and grew up to cover themselves with tattoos, join gangs, defend Transformers, take the prizes out of cereals, become "creative executives" make reality shows, bring mystical practices to corporations and monopolies, preach bucking the system in big budget corporate made movies, create rap and "sampling", become "DJs" and to complain about the greatest generation for being stuffy.

What am I missing Mike?