Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 4

This post is dedicated to Eddie.
continued from:

Roxy and Shaniqua are walking home from school. Shan: "Hey Roxy! School's out! Let's have some fun!"
"Why don't we go have have a jam session in your garage?"

"I could try out that new Tom Tom Daddy got me for my birthday! - and you could show me those new Hendrix licks you said you learned!"
Roxy: "I don't wanna have any fun!!! I had the worst day ever!! Don't you understand??!"
"I HATE my life!!"
"I hate school! I hate rules! I hate boys! They think I'm weird!!"
"I'm just gonna go home and talk to the one person who understands me!!"

"Oh boo hoo hoo! Everything sucks!"
Roxy slams her door behind her.
Psycho Mom: "Is that you, Honey! Well it's about time! You better get in and clean out your room!
I've had enough of your filthy old toys and mess! And you gotta do your homework too! If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times..blah blah blah..."
Roxy can't wait to get into the sancity of her messy abode full of dusty Dream Pets and stuffed beasts.

"At least I have one friend here that totally gets me!"
"The Curly Fuzz Poodle! Yaaaay!!!" She leaps out of her moccasins.
Roxy dives onto where her favorite toy usually sleeps......pause.....her Dream Pets wait for the explosion of grief.
Roxy jerks up in alarm! "Oh no!"
She frantically looks around, wondering where he is! She spots THE NOTE.
and snatches it up

her eyes dart back and forth as she reads the stunning letter...
"Dear Roxy,
You have been my best friend in the whole world,
but there comes a time in every old toy’s life
when he needs to be recycled.
Your Mom has decided that it is my time
to be thrown out with the trash.

Goodbye forever,
the dirty old piece of crap."

Roxy shrieks in anguish and leaps into the air.
she rushes to the window as she hears the garbage truck collecting the trash.

"NOOOOOOOO!" she screams!
She dives out the window to race after the truck

to be continued....