Thursday, March 18, 2010

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Gratuitous Cartoon Violence By Popular Request

SlabFist Chapter 2 ASlabFist Chapter 2 CSlabFist Chapter 2 DSlabFist Chapter 2 FSlabFist Chapter 2 JSlabFist Chapter 2 KSlabFist Chapter 2 LSlabFist Chapter 2 MSlabFist Chapter 3 ASlabFist Chapter 4 BSlabFist Chapter 4 D

Here are just a few that you people have been asking me for (Trevor!).

Remember that there is only one of each, so better grab 'em while they exist! Click one to get it.

There are more here:



By the way, how many people would like to see this kind of pandering gratuitous violence in your TV cartoons? (besides me)


Calvin said...

Of course I would like to see this kind of pandering gratuitous violence in my TV cartoons!!!

JohnK said...

Yeah, to me that was always an integral part to cartoons and comics.

Also, pretty girls.

RooniMan said...

I say "YES" to violent cartoons!
Bring back the ice cream!

Grupo said...

Gratuitios violence and pretty girls just for the shake of it, are resources people with no ideas tend to use to make up for the fact that they can't make anything worth watching without it.

JohnK said...

Hmp. That's what I would have said about pop culture references.

btown said...

yes, please! I particularly like the combination of technical martial-arts type violence, and Bob Clampett style explosive cartoony violence. What better place for it than in cartoons?!

Zoran Taylor said...

It's true of both.

But John does a three- WELL.

Patrick said...

Keep violence in the cartoons, where it belongs!

Kate McElroy said...

Gratuitous violence practically makes the world go 'round! That said, more violent cartoons, please!

Isaias said...

hey will there ever be a complete uncut ren and stimpy with no edits

Shawn Dickinson said...

I want to see violence and sexy girls in our cartoons again.

And non-flat, funny drawings!

The Butcher said...

"By the way, how many people would like to see this kind of pandering gratuitous violence in your TV cartoons? (besides me)"

Don't we usually tell you the answer without you even asking?

Even if you only read 1 percent of my posts, you know I love violence.

Oliver_A said...

Embrace humanity! Bring back the gratuitous violence out of the streets back on TV!

Juz Capes said...

It's depressing that you even have to ask that question and are not simply allowed to find out by making these cartoons.

In fact, you've already proved your right with Ren & Stimpy.

It's dumb that people have to travel back in time to either the early 90's or the 1930/40's to watch good cartoons.

The only other option is to dream of cartoon progression whilst reading this blog. Depressing.

gracesix said...

Unrelated to post, but I found this blog full of vintage ads:

kurtwil said...

Isaias, R&S season 1 DVD's are at Frys, claiming to be uncut and uncensored.

Absurd slapstick violence and situations were a big reason for my finding classic animation to be funny. Once the slapstick was watered down to nothing (via political correctness taken to extremes), or done as "realistic", animation became boring.

Ironically, live action movies' violence is often pushed to the absurd by digital enhancements from wannabe animators masquerading as FX artists.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of violent cartoons in TV nowadays, well, mostly on one main channel's sister company, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

Is the violence the same as classical animation's? Perhaps not, but there are some shows that feature gratuitous violence such as Superjail, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and several others. And if I'm correct, there's normally a blood bath in at least every other three episodes of Venture Brothers.

I think the real question is should there be more "classical" cartoon violence. I think as long as the violence has a purpose and is well placed, like in Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, so on and so forth. Then sure! Why the heck not?

Paul B said...

Me, of course!