Monday, March 22, 2010

More Genius

Cute chicks in the midst of wacky characters

Great Use Of Positive VS Negative Space

Funny Crowds

Dynamic Perspective

Best Use Of Shapes

Interesting Panel Designs
Best Biddy designs
Great poses and drapery
Fantastic layout and composition
Strange Happenings

He's the greatest natural cartoonist ever


Kelly Toon said...

John, were one to copy these, would one use "construction" in the sense that everything should look solid? I guess here the focus is more big-shapes-to-little-details. It all looks so effortless and spontaneous, and magical, and FUN.

I notice he doesn't seem to use a shorthand for pretty girls. All his women look just as goofy and awkward as everyone else. I don't have the book yet . . . did he draw cuties, ever?

Kali Fontecchio said...


Mike said...

Awesome. You know what is the best thing about you John? Your love for artistic genius when I can honestly say that you are the one who I (and alot of us) respect and consider an artistic genius. You are one of the greats. Anyways, eventhough I grew up loving old WB (who couldn't) the art in Ren & Stimpy amazed me. Two stood out in general in art quality. Kilted Yaksmen and Son of Stimpy. Some time could you explain what was so special about those movie + quality episodes. They still amaze me to this day. Thanks!

JohnK said...

"did he draw cuties, ever?"

Yes, he did Kelly. It's a time honored cartoon tradition to have the cute girl characters to have more normal characteristics. Everyone else is wacky, fat and ugly.

Gross was very radical and very traditional at the same time. I believe in that.

Keep the good solid things from tradition, and constantly shake other things up.

He does use a kind of construction, but it isn't 3 dimensional like 40s cartoons try to be.

It's too sophisticated to try to analyze in a couple sentences, but there is a form and pattern in his drawings. It's more on the compositional scale though, not in the details.

It's definitely not random weirdness as it may appear on the surface to some.

seckscab said...

I think your nostalgia goggles are a little fogged, K.

Noel said...

I gotta say i don't get it, but, there are things i don't get before you made me aware of it(hierarchy was one but now i see it as: "what's in front and what's in back"). Because i trust your opinion i'll try to see the value in his compositions and hopefully some will rub off. He doesn't care about drawing hands enough for me (trivial i know)..and stuff like that. Since there are books about the guy i know i need to see better.

JohnK said...

"I think your nostalgia goggles are a little fogged, K."

How can I be nostalgic for something I never saw when I was a kid?

Paul B said...

you could say that composition, staging and other principles are more important than construction?

In Gross it seems to be the statement.

Trevor Thompson said...

Trevor's Funny Question #734:

What are "Biddy designs"?

Also, do you think you could dedicate a post to what you were explaining to Kelly? I just ordered the Milt Gross book and a post about Milt's construction process would be the best thing ever! It will make copying his stuff easier I think.

Thanks John!

JohnK said...

I don't think I can teach you how to be Milt Gross. I wish I could teach myself.

Let's start with a simpler style first, like Michelangelo or someone

Trevor Thompson said...

You're right. That WAS a funny question.

Benjamin Anders said...

Wow, these are great! I'll need to pick up this book sometime soon!

Calvin said...

I can't wait to get a copy of this book!

Cartoon Critique! said...

Does anyone want to do Cartoon Critique again?

Chip Butty said...

Hey John, what did you think of Gross's two MGM cartoons, Jitterbug Follies and Wanted: No Master?

Oscar Grillo said...

No way one can imitate or have rules to draw like this. You have to be HIM!
...One of my truly favourite American artists!

Zoran Taylor said...

I think your SHOVE goggles are a little IT, seckscab.

C said...

Nice to see someone who isn't afraid of making girls look funny. Even the pretty ones. I found some animated cartoons by him and they were full of funny people.

Anonymous said...

I really need to pick up this book myself. It's been a while since I've seen any Milt Gross comics. These are so superhuman to me. I'll never be able to draw that well and stylish at the same time. I just wonder if Milt always had this type of style or not in his drawings, or if he had to do years of studies or something.


My friend,, Very good blog and you very creative .. Ilike it !


Anonymous said...

Hey John,

I'm in college and I'm doing a brief on you as my chosen artist.

It's pretty obvious what your influences are, but, would I still be able to ask you three questions on that topic? Very impersonal.

Trevor Thompson said...

YES! Elana, please bring back Cartoon Critique!

RooniMan said...

Bow down to the king!