Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Layout Lessons


Rough Scene Planning and Blocking

Constructing The Poses

Maintaing Guts From Storyboard
Fitting into the background and Leaving Space For Action
Pose Continuity


RooniMan said...


Luis María Benítez said...

Hi John,

When I saw the drawings I wanted to ask this: how do you deal with writing the script? I study animation and I'm asked to learn how to write a script properly, from beginning to end. That's not my favorite part of the process, but mostly drawing.

Eidenbrock said...

You give us so much free valuable knowledge, you are simply an incredible person. I'm still set back by the caricature, but I promise to donate as soon as I have 20 bucks to spare- thanks John!

Zoran Taylor said...

Luis, there should be no script. Search the blog, John explains.

kurtwil said...

More great stuff, JK. Thank you!