Monday, May 24, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 14 : Puppet Trauma Theater

Shan comes over with her own hand-made puppet collection. She puts on a funny show to try to cheer Roxy up and make her forget about her great loss. Shan waves Fuzzy Bunny's whiskers on Roxy's nose. Roxy resists happiness.
The trauma begins. Instantly the cute puppets attack each other's most personal weaknesses.
"Oh yeah? Well I hate you, Gooney-Thing! You're nasty and ugly!" yells Fuzzy Bunny. "Let's settle this with extreme violence!!" Shan bashes the adorable puppet faces together. Bash Bash Bash Bash! Their interior cardboard structures collapse.
Roxy is a bit shocked but intrigued by the subtle multi-layered drama.
Shan brings up her foot-puppet- a rational authority figure man character: Mr. Probation. He calms the fight down with reason and soft pseudo-psychological buzz words. Now Roxy thinks that's funny and starts to cheer up.Shan presents the topper to the skit - her butt puppet: Poopy the Poodle Tard who talks with a fart whistle!

The curly tard reminds Roxy of her lost poodle toy and she explodes into tears.She turns around and buries her face in her pillow.
Shan is very worried now. When even butt-puppets fail to cheer up a kid, you know there is a serious problem.