Monday, May 24, 2010

Toy Drawing 10: How To Draw Porky

If you are trying to teach yourself classical cartoon construction, this is a gift from on high. From high up the stairs where Mike Fontanelli lives. It's a beautifully sculpted 3 fully dimensional Porky Figure.
Good sculptures of cartoon characters tell you what cartoon shapes really look like in perspective. Note in the 3/4 shot that his cranium is not stacked directly on top of his lower face and jaw. His brain extends behind his jaw.
Toys don't generally have a line of action. They need to stand up, so they are usually sculpted around a vertical straight line. This helps you isolate just the construction of the character too.
Note where the shadow falls in his eye. That tells you that his eye is sunk into his flesh around the edges and that the part of the eye at the right is farther away, because the shadow indicates we are seeing more of the edge of the sunken eye on that side.
Learning to draw something rude in 3 D is especially important to the eager student of animation.

A nice down shot of his impressive braincase.
See how the cheeks and smile work? Together, they form a muscle of flesh that points towards just above the center of his snout (nose).

Bonus Pigs:

Now if you get Mike to strip and pose for you, you could also learn the construction of Tex Avery's Spike the bulldog.


Paul B said...

What a great lamp!
I want it!

I love the simplicity of the forms and how they are related to each other. Great use of contrast in shapes and sizes.

there aren't many details to distract you from the important shapes.

great stuff to study!

Hey fellas from de Cartoon College Blog, what happend with you??

Paul B said...

Why Mighty Mouse is labeled?

Oisin O'Sullivan said...

far out.
this is great. thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely gonna do this lesson once my art supplies get delivered, and then I'll show you my progress.

Hmmmmm......Mike posing huh? That ought to be your next post. I'd like to see him make some of Spike's impossible expressions and takes.

A.M.Bush said...

Oh, I'm gonna do this, I wanna draw.

Austin Papageorge said...

"Now if you get Mike to strip and pose for you, you could also learn the construction of Tex Avery's Spike the bulldog."

Naw, thanks. I'll just stick to looking at this picture of him.

RooniMan said...

What a beautiful sculpted lamp of Porky.

Geneva said...


Paul: I am here! I am going to be posting a study tonight on my study blog-- I might even do some drawings of this toy and/or that model sheet.

JoJo said...

Does Porky have really subtle planes on his head in the model sheet?

Martin Juneau said...

Those seems to be a great exercise. I worked a lot to the volumes and dimensions since two months and i notice a wider difference between this year's drawings and my drawings dated of 1 year.

This should be study by everyone. For truly understand how drawing a character in full dimensions. Thing you never seen in cartoons and comics today.

thomas said...

I like Porky's underbite!

The overall shape reminds me of Sniffles....

kurtwil said...

"rude" = tail, compressed rather than extended.

But very useful example of Porky in 3D we can observe without a computer or DVD player or glasses!

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

Thats a real nice looking lamp!

I'm going to go draw all these pictures you've posted.

Paul Bouchard said...

Great stuff! All those lamp closeups remind me of fetal development photos.

Dave B said...

Real useful stuff, specially for 3D design. I've had to design characters from 2D to 3D and this info really helps.