Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Pal, Pou

Sometimes it's fun to base a cartoon character off a person you know. This is Jose Pou - a fellow cartoonist and animator who worked with me on APC and other cartoons.
Cartooning real people in action is a challenge because they are much more specific in design and personality than most cartoon characters.
Jose Pou is a beautiful specimen of specificity. He not only has a very unique design, but he has a personality to match. He's a prime example of what we term "charisma". He attracts you to his persona.
When you animate a specific person, you have to break a lot of habits. Most animated cartoon characters are made of the same handful of simple shapes, but a real person has much tricker combinations of shapes and you have to figure out how to turn him around without all the features falling apart or "melting". You also have to create new expressions because the generic cartoon expressions don't fit around the design.
In one sense Jose is completely unique, but in another he can portray a broad range of cartoon types.
Jose Pou represents all ethnicities. He is the Anthony Quinn of cartoons. He can be a Hawaiian, a Mexican, a Dominican, a Filipino and any number of foreigners with rituals and habits we must respect, even though you would probably not approve if you caught your Mom doing them.
Jose is a truly in every cartoon sense a "citizen of the world" - a unique and specific instance of a beloved and widely-encompassing stereotype.
In Naked Beach Frenzy, Jose is a Hawaiian souvenir salesman and a very eager one too.
He'll sell you anything-even the rings off his nipples - as long as you pay in "American Pesos".

You'll never guess what he is offering Stimpy here.
But it's not what Stimpy is looking for at the moment.

Jose has anything you could ever ask for -even contraband.

His wares cause Stimpy to enjoy some of his own specific expressions in honor of his majesty, King Pou.

specific and asymmetric expressions
Oh, and these are drawn by Nick Cross who lived, breathed and succored Jose Pou all through the production.
Here's another reason to watch Naked Beach Frenzy:
Ren & Stimpy - The Lost Episodes



Anonymous said...

I'm drooling over these beautifully drawn, solid poses. Too bad I've never seen this episode of APC before (just frame grabs like this). I think my parents would kill me if I even thought about buying that DVD.

I remember that in "A Visit to Anthony," you tried something like this with Anthony's dad, because one time on your blog, you said that you based him off of your own dad. Here, you and Nick Cross push that type of idea even further and made it funnier, in my opinion.

RooniMan said...

I'd but stuff from him.

Martin Juneau said...

I never thinkin of that after watching this episode. I realised that only real good peoples like you can makes references from actual peoples in screening. Not everyone can do that unfortunately.

I have this DVD yet and i'm more happy again by this revelation.

Niki said...

I so glad you reminded me of this! I have an illegal copy of this episode on my laptop, but I have now also been given enough money from my parents to buy the actual DVD! I'm going to watch bad cartoons immediately after church tomorrow!

Mitch K said...

I met Jose through a friend one night in Ottawa. He took us to this TexMex place, and we all ate a crap-ton of Mexican food. It was great.

JoJo said...

Do you think specific designs based on caricature have a tendency to be rounded out in order to make them easier to animate?

Jorge said...

For some reason I thought the fact he was both Mexican and Hawaiian was the funniest goddamn thing I've ever seen. The accent was vague in a really funny way.

Alberto said...

oh yeah! I saw him make a cameo in "Onward & Upward" I thought to myself, "that has to be a real guy" because of how specific he was compared to the other people in the episode. now i know.

Sven Hoek said...

I like the person you put into the episode Dog Show. He was the skinny guy with the annoying toy dog that yipped ceaselessly when Mr Horse picked him up.

Who was that? He had some great expressions and movements. I love that finger waving gesture he did when the dog tried to blame him for his ridiculous appearance. George did a great finger wag in that episode too, "Only a daily Buffing can bring out that shine!"

Yummy eye candy.

Chip Butty said...

Thanks for explaining who this guy is, he was too specific to be an original creation and I always wondered.

Would you mind explaining sometime who "Deborah" really was in the second "Secret Headquarters" bumper from "Stimpy's Fan Club?"

I think I fell in love with her as a kid.

kevin said...

I think i was told that there are more apc skrips is that true? And if so any chance of seeing get animated?. And also, theres a character in onward and upward that looks to similar to john locke, coinsedense?

Zoran Taylor said...

@Chip Butty - It REALLY says something about the next scene in that cartoon that people typically forget that girl. In any other context, the initiation scene would be the weirdest goddamn thing you've ever seen. Yet it is followed up by the single most TERRIFYING scene ever executed in a cartoon. No part of "Stimpy's Invetion"(in spite of being the greatest cartoon ever made), "Sven Hoek", "Man's Best Friend", "Ren Needs/Seeks Help" - NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the R&S cannon, nor in animation history, can touch the sheer brain-numbing, hot sweat depravity and unfathomable sickness of that "Stimpy's Fan Club" scene. Nothing.

But yes, I always found that girl to be cute in an utterly strange way. Good call.

J. said...

Too bad the adult swim episodes were so conceptually disastrous. Too much fanservice and not enough humour. You're definitively not cut to create adult humour, john.

Still great technical work.

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

Who doesn't love all the super cute chicks running around in naked beach frenzy! ;) Kudos to Katie.

Shawn Dickinson said...

Funny as hell!

Carmine said...

I love Naked Beach Frenzy, and that scene is really funny. I love when his nipples/man breasts dance :).

Its probably my second favorite of the Adult Party Cartoon eps, and its not for the T & A. Its because its hillarious, with real adult humor. And the ending is like "Rubber Nipple Salesman" :) . But I'd say my favorite APC ep is "Ren Seeks Help".

kurtwil said...

Again a nice post about animation construction and character definition.

Also an inspiration to dig the Party Cartoon DVD out of moving hibernation and take another look!

Aside: what is "adult humor"? Adult Swim seems to serve up more adolescent humor than anything else.

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

(Sorry for two comments) but is Pou the same guy who was the bartender from "Onwards and Upwards"?

JohnK said...

Yes sir, he is.

In a less caricatured form.

Corey said...

Pete worked on that blonde

sean said...

when Jose giggles he sticks his tongue between his teeth like a little girl... Not something you would expect from a linebacker of a man but that's why we love'im. Great likeness to an already animated gent.

Philip said...

I just started following your blog and had to leave a comment, Naked Beach Frenzy is my favorite episode and it’s great to see some background information on it. Also, on the DVD it was nice you had the very cute Katie Rice on during the introduction (I follow her blog now too lol). At midnight on Nicktoons they broadcast an hour of Ren & Stimpy and I sure get nostalgic when watching them.

Anonymous said...

J.: You mean the Spike TV episodes. R&S APC never aired on Adult Swim.

Anyway, this episode would've been 1000x better without the excessively hairy lifeguard. (puts bleach in eyes)

dedmonky said...

wow seems like a lifetime ago. It was hilarious having Nick Cross study me while I worked. I'd be working and then i felt the prying eyes. Good times.