Friday, May 07, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 6 Bitter Repast

Continued from episode 5

At dinner, Roxy is not very hungry tonight.Mom notices the aura of depression around the table but tries to ignore it.
"MMMM! This roast Springbok is really scrumptious if I do say so myself!"
Roxy's head drops onto the mashed potatoes.
Mom's chewing slows as she tries to maintain her estrogen levels.
"OK, OK, what's with all the long faces? Did someone die?"
"I know you're mad about something! Stop moping you!!"
She turns to hippie dad: "What's wrong with your daughter!! Fix her!"
"Hey, why is everyone looking at ME?"
Roxy blurts out: "You threw away my best friend!!"
Then she buries her face in her hands and bawls her little soul out.
Mom tries to defend herself: "No I didn't!! I wanted to but your father convinced me to let you keep the dirty old thing, didn’t you Daddy?"

"For Heaven's sake! Tell her father! Don't let my little girl hate me!!!"

Father hippie gives Mom the evil Lobsang Rampa eye.

Mom is desperate: "Honest!! I didn't do it!!!"

To be continued...