Monday, May 10, 2010

Heartaches Pilot 8 - Fluff Balls

After being sent to her room without Springbok, Roxy sits on her bed and longs for her Curly Fuzz Poodle. Everything reminds her of him.Especially the little colorful balls of false Poodle fur he left behind.
She instinctively takes each dusty ball of fluff and sticks it to herself.
Her Dream Pets worry about her weakening faculties.
"This looks bad, man" says Mr. Pinky PooPig. Raspy Rhino agrees: "I've never seen her this bad."
The heartache is too much for the tiny lass to bear. She goes goofy. Just then we hear a scratch scratch scratching at the door and it creaks open. It's little pussycat!
He softly pads his way across her bed, bearing a gift of healing.
Completely insane now, Roxy absent-mindedly takes the offering of freshly caught water beetle.
The arthropod begs for his worthless filthy life. "Spare my filthy worthless life!", he pleads.
Roxy bites it's little crybaby head off, taking along its carapace.
A long night of listless chewing and bemoaning demon fate lies ahead as we fade out...


I'm thinking of refreshing my t shirt offerings. How many folks would buy a Heartaches shirt if I made one?
I'll do it on a girl's t shirt cut; I know not too many guys would want one.

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