Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Howie Post Gone Too

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that Howie Post is one of my favorite cartoonists. Well, I just heard that he recently passed away. I hope that he at least knew that he had recently been rediscovered on all the blogs.
He's known mostly for his Harvey comics, especially Spooky and Little Audrey. I used to buy Harvey comics and go right to his stories without knowing his name. I just recognized his style. He was the most cartoony and fun artist.
Ger Apeldoorn has been putting up Howie's rarer earlier comics. They look influenced by Dan Gordon and Walt Kelly.
Howie's girls look like Owen Fitzgerald's! Really cute.

He is also good at drawing evil furniture - which made im a natural for drawing Harvey comics that were all about medieval superstitions, demons, witches and succubi. Great subjects for little Christian kiddies!I always liked his fairy tale houses.
I love when cartoonists try to draw realistic! Look at this "man".

Of course, Howie draws the best trees.

Howie was a real cartoonist. He knew (like the rest of us) that all men are ugly and goofy, but that women were beautiful.
Goodbye Howie. May you have 72 virgins waiting for you. Or even if they aren't quite virgins and there are only 20, I hope they are as cute as your girl drawings.



HemlockMan said...

Sad to hear. I loved Howie Post's work. When I was a kid my particular favorites among the Harvey comics were Hot Stuff, Wendy the Witch (and Nightmare), and Spooky (I much preferred Spooky to that pussy, Casper). And of course I loved any story with Grandpa Blaze (Hot Stuff's grandfather) who cursed like a bastard.

Few people seem to recall his more realistic caveman title ANTHRO, his short-lived effort at DC Comics.


Niki said...

Goodness, I could help laugh which made be feel bad, but I also felt like you were trying to do it.

Anonymous said...

They sure don't make cartoonists like Post anymore. I don't think many people can draw this well anymore. It's quite a shame how all these underrated cartoonists are passing away just when we're beginning to fully appreciate, understand, and learn more about their work.

Thanks for the Howie Post tribute, John. I had a feeling you were gonna do this. Still feeling bad about Frazetta though? You should do another post on him.

Jeff Overturf said...

Like you I never knew his name...but he was always a favorite.

G'bye Howie!

Shawn Dickinson said...

Sorry to hear that. I loved his comics. Another one of the greats, gone.

SvenStoffels said...

Hey John!

I've been trying my hand on some of your cartoon college lessons. Started with the sphere and pear shape construction studies.
I'd very much appreciate it if you'd have a look:


Thanks in advance!

Commander Höek said...

Sad to hear John,
I never knew about him but his style looked pretty cool.
Thanks for the information, maybye I'll check out some more of his stuff in the near future.

Scrawnypumpkinseed said...

I've seen some of his work but never learned his name. He used to have a spot in a kids magazine I used to read. As usual I would skip to the comics section.

Sad to hear he's gone. Also sad that it took something like this for me to learn his name.

RooniMan said...

I never knew he was still alive, but now I've realized I should of looked him up. 2010 is turning out to be a very depressing year.

Elana Pritchard said...

Beautiful stuff.

Chapel D. said...

"May you have 72 virgins waiting for you. Or even if they aren't quite virgins and there are only 20, I hope they are as cute as your girl drawings."

I was really enjoying this post up until I read that, especially the even if theyre only 20 comment. 20 is old ? Made my stomach turn.

JohnK said...

20 girls, not 20 years old.

James Dalby said...

I remember seeing Little Audrey for the first time in this cartoon.

Whit said...

Even an artist as accomplished as Post couldn't lift the sinking Paramount cartoon studio out of its encompassing miasma.