Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Howie Post Gone Too

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that Howie Post is one of my favorite cartoonists. Well, I just heard that he recently passed away. I hope that he at least knew that he had recently been rediscovered on all the blogs.
He's known mostly for his Harvey comics, especially Spooky and Little Audrey. I used to buy Harvey comics and go right to his stories without knowing his name. I just recognized his style. He was the most cartoony and fun artist.
Ger Apeldoorn has been putting up Howie's rarer earlier comics. They look influenced by Dan Gordon and Walt Kelly.
Howie's girls look like Owen Fitzgerald's! Really cute.

He is also good at drawing evil furniture - which made im a natural for drawing Harvey comics that were all about medieval superstitions, demons, witches and succubi. Great subjects for little Christian kiddies!I always liked his fairy tale houses.
I love when cartoonists try to draw realistic! Look at this "man".

Of course, Howie draws the best trees.

Howie was a real cartoonist. He knew (like the rest of us) that all men are ugly and goofy, but that women were beautiful.
Goodbye Howie. May you have 72 virgins waiting for you. Or even if they aren't quite virgins and there are only 20, I hope they are as cute as your girl drawings.