Friday, January 30, 2009

1982 Brik Blastoff, First of a long line

Actually I designed and created the character in 1980, but around 1982, Chris Peterson sculpted this for me just for fun.

Chris also did Obama and McCain. Have a piece of Chris in your life by ordering his superior toys.


oppo said...

That's amazing!

How many animators are great sculpters, too?

Nate said...

Great! I Love Chris' stuff.

John thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm gonna shoot you an email right now.


Niki said...

Booty? What!?

Anonymous said...

...I'd never have imagined it till I've seen it!

Elana Pritchard said...

Did Buzz Lightyear rip you off?

Leeann H said...

Oh, space buttocks. How I adore thee.

Hans Flagon said...

Any one else getting a warning that Johns Blog (here) might have malware, from Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic? Who runs Blogger anyway? Google, thats right.

Maybe they aren't used to a blogger blog actually having ads. But that Google Web services stuff is totally buggy.

Wilson Ramires said...

wow those are really good!

hi John I've been following your for blog for a couple of months now,
I love the way you analyse cartoons, I totally agree with what you said about the devolution of the arts and especially animation...THIS BLOG IS A GOLD MINE of KNowledge!

I read the post " MY IDEAL CARTOON SCOOL " and the " ANIMATION SCOOL LESSONS" and I would love to follow those amazing lessons,

you posted those lessons a while ago and I was wondering if you were you still helping people on those basic lessons ????

if so I'm gonna start uploading so you can take a look at my stuff

is anybody out there who just started doing those lessons?
if so please do tell"

OK John,

All the best,


Shawn said...

That's a great sculpture! Do you still have it?

krakit said...

I love how the gun holster
from the front view appears
to be a piece of bacon on
his side.

ComiCrazys said...

Off Topic: Another Bugs cover

Unlimited 99 said...

WOAH, nice bum!

Rick Roberts said...

Cool beans. I would watch a show starring Brik.

Coen said...

@Wilson Ramirez: I just started doing those lessons, too

lastangelman said...

Didn't you do an ad campaign for AT&T or another phone company involving Brik Blastoff?

Oh wait, I just Googled it, here's John K's original Brik Blastoff post.

A cartoon series or movie that needs to see the light of day.

Trevor Thompson said...

Having an action figure made of your character really helps understand the dimensions and get the anatomy right.

Thanks Hryma!

- trevor.

C. A. M. Thompson said...

Nice cheeks.

Also pretty cool to see you'd already developed that lettering style that everybody copied way back then.

DCLXVI said...

Sculpting and 3D are foundational courses for students of Classical Animation, at least at Vancouver Film School.

Niki said...

I told you already! I am a fabulous owner of pockets full of nothing

Pete Emslie said...

Fun stuff! I'm trying to figure out if Brik Blastoff is made out of Sculpey or some type of self-hardening clay like I used to use back in the late 70s. Was Chris using Sculpey way back then?

Paul B said...

Hi John, I have a question:

Do you think generic characters help to denote the specific characters in an image?


do you think that in an image all the characters have to be different?

Alex Printz said...

obama toy was recently listed here:

Wilson Ramires said...

hey Coen, thats cool I'm doing rubber hose characters I'll start posting hopefully by next week.

the reason I asked is because everybody seems to be so advanced now doing book covers and I'm still doing rubber hose characters...

hey John, I always thought this kind of stuff you talk about was the kind of stuff they taught at
but apparently not huh?