Friday, January 30, 2009

Preview Excerpt of Conservatism part 2

Conservative VS Liberal Cartoons Of The Past:

Disney's studio was extremely conservative in its content. Their characters and attitudes were wholesome and generic, never veering into the territory of the specific individual - because conservatives naturally distrust anybody that has a unique personality. Disney himself admitted it many times. He distrusted anybody that stood out from the crowd.

On the other hand, the studio experimented in the advancement of skills. They believed in "quality" which in the 1930s partly meant extreme inhuman otherworldly phenomenal ability. Nobody before the mid 60s ever expected that famous people would ever be average. We all took it for granted that if you were on TV, or in the movies, on radio, sold records, were a politician or whatever that you must be some amazingly gifted accomplished person. Whether you were a liberal or a conservative, you shouldn't be rich and famous unless you could do something that hardly anyone else can do.

.....on to other classic animators, some liberal, some conservative in their approaches...

Every cartoonist on this page shared an important trait, but then differed in how they applied it.