Sunday, January 18, 2009

Don Martin - In a Department Store pt 2

Don Martin's staging and continuity is very clear and direct. He doesn't change everything in every picture. He'll use the same angle for many panels and just focus your attention on what's important.

More of this sequence later...

Basic Elements of Humor:

Everyone loves stupidity. Even stupid people laugh at stupid jokes. It's because we all think everyone else is stupid except us. Stupid and ignorant jokes are probably the most universal form of entertainment.

Almost all men love pain - as long as it's someone else's pain. Not al women think pain is funny for some reason.

You can have pain and stupidity in other mediums. Cartoons should be drawn funny. Do Martin's drawings are always funny. They would be funny as still images even if you didn't know the context.

I don't understand cartoons that don't try to make each image funny.

Cartoons can do absurdity better than any other medium. Don Martin is a genius at it.

BTW, people are still sending me their studies of comic book covers, but most of you are tracing the covers instead of drawing them. Drawing them will make you try to control the concepts. Tracing is cheating. If you wanna trace one just to figure it out - and then draw one freehand, that might make sense.

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Anonymous said...

>>If you wanna trace one just to figure it out - and then draw one freehand, that might make sense.<<

That's my method for finding construction of any cartoon character. Once I get a feel for their basic shapes, I can draw them freehand. It just makes sense to me.

Now to get to drawing those covers...

Elana Pritchard said...

Women might not think pain is as funny because we have to deal with pain-in-the-ass men all of the time.

Now Mydol commercials and eating disorders- those are funny!

Niki said...

Usually I just assume what shapes it takes, trace it with those shapes to get it right, then draw it without tracing in my sketchbook. Learned to draw a seahorse that way.

Zoran Taylor said...

I'm actually hard-pressed to name any cartoons where every image is funny. Even Clampett's have a lot of just straightforward, solid, effective drawings that build to something else. Frankly I think concentrating on making every single drawing funny can have it's consequences too. Bad construction slips through. Some of the early "cheater" episodes (as you called them yourself) of R&S had Stimpy looking excessively cock-eyed for minutes on end, as if that's what was actually on the model sheet! I can't watch those without wondering how Stimpy isn't bumping into everything in his path!

My pain theory: if stupidity and absurdity cause pain, then pain is funny because it entails either or both, in many situations. Men rarely feel extreme pain for any reason that doesn't relate to those two basic reasons. Women, on the other hand, regularly feel physical pain for reasons which are not the result of their intelligence on way or the other, AND which are the result not of absurdity, but logic made manifest - that is, evolutionary biology. They learn from an early age to grin and bear it and NEVER complain because guys will hit you for it, even though they're not supposed to. So it's a systematic AND purposelful part of their lives, which makes it much harder to laugh at.
Am I right, girls?

Shawn said...

I think the world would be a much finer place if more cartoon characters had stubble on their hands.

Bill said...

When anime was still cartoony you could usually find even some unintentionally funny looking characters. Nowadays most humor is done verbally rather than just having a character make an amusing expression and unfortunaly alot of our newer actors don't look too amusing either aside from Ian McDiarmid (The Emporer from Star Wars) who dosen't really even have to try to look funny, just watch him in a fight as Palepetine and he makes goofy faces left and right when they're supposed to be serious.

ComiCrazys said...

Okay, I got some balls.
The MAD Adventures of Captain Klutz

Eddie Fitzgerald said...

Interesting comment about the gag using the same staging for as long as needed! Don Martin truly was a genius!

Deniseletter said...

Who can forget Don Martin's drawings? Lol!!!

MLP said...

Thanks, ComiCrazys!!

Hans Flagon said...

What I think is also great about those Don Martin standalone paperbacks, is that they are one of the few examples of Mad product during Feldsteins reign that did not have that horrible machine lettering (which worked much better in black and white than it did in the color horror and sci fi comics usually)

That machine lettering also led to writing and drawing oftentimes being totally divorced from each other, Mad playing the copywriter and illustrators game instead of the Cartoonist game.

Anonymous said...

Hey John, if you want anything from Kali's sketchbook, I just put it up: