Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Genius

Someone sent this latest example of the great 2%

This one is at least funny

They must not make a lot of money yet, since they can't afford clothes

Here, you can do it too:



Anonymous said...

Funny's not the word for it…

JohnK said...

Hip Hop bands remind me of religions.

They all swear they are the only legitimate ones and everyone else is a sellout to whitey or the man

they are all equally preposterous, sound exactly the same, and their disciples all argue about which one is the great 2%

Oliver_A said...

What about one of the influences on hiphop, Kraftwerk?

Trans Europe Express (1977)

Die Roboter (1978)


@John: is there any European music you like?

Hayden Currie said...

This may not be a 100.00% authentic Hip Hop song (maths rap maybe) but it is made with the aid of computors, and it's pretty funny: Hard n' Phirm As a true-blue dyed-in-the-wool Kiwi New Zealander I am aware it's my patriotic duty to gush over the Flight of the Conchords, but I can't because the Benka Boradovsky Bordello Band is in fact THE best band EVER. If these drunken gypsies don't make you smash your computor and dance on the keyboard I'll eat my hat.

Oliver_A said...

Except the Beatles.

Should go to bed now.

Johann said...
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Kali Fontecchio said...

Best/Worst Rap Sing Of All Time!!!!

Johann said...

And whattabout Dälek?

But seriously, there should be more twelve-tone-music in ads, shows etcs. :(

Like this one - Timeless but so abandoned: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LACCAF04wSs&feature=channel_page

Kali Fontecchio said...

By sing I meant "song" by best/worst, I meant "wrong"!!

Oliver_A said...

Spliff: Das Blech

Atherium said...

I guess you didnt even listen to what they were saying or pay attention to the messages displayed thoughout the video.

JohnK said...

I did and the message I heard was, "other hip hop is bad" "ours is the real thing"

which I've heard a million times before

what I still haven't heard - is music

or anything that sounds different than the other videos people send me

JVaughan said...

For what it's worth I agree with you that there are certainly levels of musicality and appreciable differences in talent and its application. We all know that 98% of everything produced isn't worth mentioning, but not understanding the metrics of quality in different formats isn't a mark of superiority in others. I do believe that at some point you just have to say, "I find no appreciable value in what is being represented." But for some people the metrics are going to be different, the life experiences are different and the emotional response is different. A lot of people that might really be on Dead Prez's wavelength might have not have any respect for Patsy Cline. I am not trying to create a false equivalency, I think you have already put that out there. For the record, I enjoy both Dead Prez and Patsy Cline for completely different reasons.

Oliver_A said...

So far, John did not get the message

Enough fooling around. Good night!

Oliver_A said...

One last thing:

Be somebody!

Mr.T is the best rapper in the world...

Xyzzyka said...

Well, I'm no musical connoisseur, but this is my favorite rap song.

mike f. said...

Well, I liked the first 5 seconds... Then they cut to half-naked men making angry, derivative noises.

Shut up, get off and show the girl again! That should be the motto all rap videos strive to live by.

Alex Printz said...

this is about the only thing that 99.9% of rap is good for...


laughing at!

Niki said...

Dang, 4 posts in one day. Mr. John, I have a question. Imagine that in another dimension you decided to become a professional rapper, you give up most other activities to pursue this. keeping in mind that you actually would rap, "What would you do to become the greatest rapper of all time?"

No pressure, but I really want to hear your answer.

Sean Worsham said...

None of this new school beats this old school:


Funky beat w/ lyrics that are an ear treat ;)

Sean Worsham said...

No swearing in this one John (the De La Soul one).

Nate said...

Don't dismiss rap out of hand. It brings joy to many people.

Like cops.

In East New York cops know the showtimes of Biggie Smalls BioPic "Notorious" at the local theater.

When the show lets out it is easy to make a weed collar.

Also, many of the hip hop siskel and eberts like to show their enthusiasm by shooting guns into the air. That's quite an endorsement!

Speaking of Biggie, where else would you find a song about the "10 Commandments" of selling crack cocaine?

"Seven: this rule is so underrated
Keep your family and business completely seperated
Money and blood don't mix like two d*cks and no b*tch"

I would never, say, make love to a woman while listening to this song. But I sure appreciate the word play!

cemenTIMental said...

John, congratulations on new heights of trolling. The way you've so economically twisted perfectly valid points into such demented and irritating forms is masterful, as evidenced by the bumper crop of retarded comments from both 'sides' of the 'argument'. I salute you! <^_^/

Brack said...

Hip Hop bands remind me of religions.

They all swear they are the only legitimate ones and everyone else is a sellout to whitey or the man

they are all equally preposterous, sound exactly the same, and their disciples all argue about which one is the great 2%

Even as someone who likes hip hop, I'm inclined to agree on this to some degree and the general conservatism that the scene's fallen into.

The actions of most rappers who feel like the scene has lost direction, isn't to move it forward in a different direction, but instead to fall back to some mis-perceived "old school".

Similarly, when someone like Cee-Lo, moves from rapping to a more singing delivery (both in solo material and with Gnarls Barkley), he gets derided from portions of the rap press because he's not delivering the same material he'd done for the previous portion of his career (not to mention for daring to work with a producer who didn't start in hip-hop).

And of course the worst crime of daring to appeal to people who don't normally like rap.

Mike Rauch said...

John, do you like any funk, soul, disco, or (original) electro/techno? If no, I wouldn't waste my time trying to show you the light since this is what Hip Hop derives from. If yes, then there may still be hope. Let me know...

JohnK said...

I like a few early funk songs, yeah. I'm not big into it, but like it when they play it on the oldies stations.

I like a lot of kinds of music from different eras.

mr said...

that's like saying all cartoons look the same. And the only art worth looking at is old masters. your being as ignorant as some rappers.

stiff said...

I hate to belabor this point any more, but I feel the need to share my idea of the 2%. For the record, I don't think that flashing "subversive" text on the screen makes a song thoughtful or otherwise good. And yeah, the extent to which everyone in hip hop says that everyone else sucks is ridiculous. Which is why this collaboration of two very talented poets doesn't suck, in my opinion. There's more that doesn't suck, but I'm just gonna let it rest.

Jimmy Jazz said...

i'm suprised nobody has mentioned this feller


thats deffinitely rap but then he's got stuff like this


so you can't say he only talks or whatever you were bitchin' at. any complaints about him? at least he doesn't do the "i'm the only one thats legit" thing. anyway get back to me on this

Mike Rauch said...

John, if you like funk then you might enjoy some of this (by the way, the top 2% suggestions have been WAY off...doesn't seem like people here know much about Hip Hop):













That's a warm up. Let me know if you want to hear more...

Daniel Silberberg said...

That video is a great reference for caricatures! Just look at all the absurd, cartoonish faces they make.