Wednesday, January 07, 2009

How to do Hair and Fur with Construction

First construct the areas of fur and hair in chunks.

then fill the chunks with the individual strands of hair - making sure the strands radiate out from the form.

Hair is above your forms, don't cut chunks of the form out when you draw the individual strands of hair. Think about it. Your hair sits on top of your skull. So does your skin. We should always feel the forms underneath the surfaces.


Masked Stinker said...

You've been reall going to town with the posts!

This T&J construction series of posts is really great.

Can you do another about line of action?
I'm still not fully getting it.

John S said...

hey john,

I've been drawing hairy characters, so I thought this would be a good time to invite you to take look at them and possibly get a critique.. if you'd like to use them as examples, be my guest!

my blog

Anonymous said...

Hey, John, I had a question about your work station:

what computers and technological stuff do you use? And Macs, Cintiqs, etc.?

Niki said...

This is good to know! I've recently been have a few problems with hair, this should help a lot!

Christopher said...

Agreed! You have been outdoing yourself with the John K. Cartoon School. As much as you tout the Preston Blair book as the best source for learning the foundational skills, I'm getting much more from your site than I ever got from Blair's book. Thank you!!! Sketchbook

Anonymous said...

Oy! Don't cut into the form-- that's why my hair never looks right!

Thanks, John.

By the way, you said the hair should "radiate" from the form- Shouldn't it be more tangential? Considering RADIATE means 'from the center,' if I remember right.

Niki said...

Something horrible just happened, I was making a drawing about 10 minutes ago. After I made my stick figure and made the form of the character and darkened the line, it ended up looking like these idiots but just with a rounded head. I mean the forearms and lower legs have that bump, but that was on purpose, is that still OK?

Elana Pritchard said...

Go with the flow

Cartoon Critique! said...

If anyone wants their art critiqued by people who follow this blog go to

Anonymous said...

After this blog has time to soak into our minds and pencils, nobody will have a real excuse not to be able to draw. We can't plead ignorance.

Thanks for beating knowledge into our thick skulls John!

Ric said...

This is so helpful!!! It seems so obvious when you point it out but I'm sure lots of us do this! :D

Caleb said...

Thank you for leading the fight against bad drawing habits.

Raff said...

>> Hair is above your forms, don't cut chunks of the form out when you draw the individual strands of hair. <<

It's TRUE!

These instruction posts are the best.

Masked Stinker said...

Mr K, I'm printing out the steps to the T&J constrution.

I don't see a step 6.
I looked at the posts several times.

Is that forthcoming?