Friday, January 16, 2009

Readers Try Hierarchy

I applaud anyone who jumped on this right away. Anyone who attempts to figure out how to draw better methodically is going to have an advantage over those who don't. Here's Geneva.She's right in figuring out what the first level of the picture is. But here are a couple points to remember:
1) Don't trace the picture, draw it.

2) Geneva has drawn the detailed silhouettes of the main elements of the picture and there is no way anyone would know where all the details would fit when drawing a composition.

The first step would be to rough in overall shapes - not every little detail. Hierarchy means do the big forms first, then break them down successively into smaller and smaller forms that fit into the larger ones.
This above would be step 3. Step 2 would be to roughly break down the bigger shapes into the proportions of the characters that fit into the totem poles.

Josh Heisie:Josh came closest to understanding and applying hierarchy. He started with roughing the big overall forms that make up the composition.
Josh like Geneva skipped a second step of measuring off the proportions of each of the characters or sub forms that make up the main forms.
A little stiff, but the right idea...

Zorrilla the magician:
I'm having trouble following how we got from one step to the next in this series.

And again, it won't help to trace the drawings.
Anyone else try it?


Niki said...

See I was fairly certain I had the wrong thing done too I should try again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the critique John!

I'm confused about measuring off the proportions. Do you mean just indicating how tall each character is before putting in their basic shapes (Nephews short, Donald and Totem head big)?

I'll try some of the other covers later.

Looking forward to your analysis so I can see better where I screwed up.


JohnK said...


Gabriele_Gabba said...

Some great work guys, you're all inspiring me so much!

Hey John i tried drawing it too, sorry for it being late, i live in a different time zone! :P

Here ya go:



Please crit me and hopefully you have some tips for my sketchiness, i never understood how people can be so clean! Laying the right line down really is hard, i heard Tex Avery had the same 'problem'.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

I did, but I guess I was too late

Trevor Thompson said...

I never scanned mine, and I'm glad, because after reading this post, I realize I completely misunderstood the assignment.

I will redo it first thing when I get home from work tonight.

So, to be sure, we're only supposed to do the first two levels of hierarchy, or should we attempt the whole enchalada?

- trevor.

PS: Gabe: Me too! But didn't Preston Blair say in the extended version of the Animation book that that's the way you're supposed to do it, by scribbling?

Geneva said...

Thank you! I'm honored that you'd give me feedback. I misunderstood the exercise a bit, and I'll change the way I do these exercises next time!

Anonymous said...

Trevor said... "But didn't Preston Blair say in the extended version of the Animation book that that's the way you're supposed to do it, by scribbling?"

Not sure if Blair said it, but I know Bob Camp has suggests drawing very, very loose in the beginning. Although, for these covers, it would probably be better to clean-up.

Thunderrobot said...

Sorry John, This was done very quickly. I think that the composition is correct though(at least for the most part).

Zorrilla said...

I copied the cover, here it is:

Spot the 7 (million) differences

Lots of errors!! Grrr

Geneva said...

I gave it another shot. I knew I had done something wrong. The lines are way less confident but I learned a lot more.

Pork Shop Express said...

Mr K, you make me feel good. Love that blog it is a gold mine.
Thank you for all, i don't know if it is a good news but i restart drawing partly because of you and your blog.
You are my teacher at life
(appologize my mistakes, i'm french)

Zorrilla said...

I tried copying a Porky cover, using proper construction now:

Porky Pig cover

Gio said...

I did Tom and Jerry exercise from older post:

Guy Cx said...

Hey John! I know i might be almost a year late, but I've just tried to decompose one of Dennis' covers using the hierarchy system. It would mean a lot to me if you would just take a look and tell me what you think. (I've only done the first level, in case it's all wrong right at the beggining).

Thanks a lot!