Saturday, January 10, 2009


This is stuff I collected while looking for images to illustrate my posts. An early Walt Kelly page.

A modern image that uses no principles, but imitates superficially some Disney-isms.

Here's one that does from an old Golden Book of Johnny Appleseed - note the little George Liquor icon next to Hello Kitty. Kali thought maybe fans might wanna buy collections of Spumco Character icons for their own computer programs and files. What do you think?

Fred Astaire was very aware of the power of good silhouettes in his dancing.

Here's Dustin who I think I met at Meltdown awhile ago.
I wish I had this button. You should see Mike Fontanelli's button collection. You'd kill yourself.
Here's a Jellystone thing.

Here are Puffy Stickers. I used to have a million of these on my fridge. Do they still make them?
I was trying to explain this comic series to Mike F. the other day and he didn't believe that Sniffles had a human girlfriend. Anyway, I like this artist but don't know his name. He also drew Scamp and lots of other comics. Anyone know who it is?