Friday, January 30, 2009

Who I Saw On The News

Well I'm out of practice on caricatures, so I thought I'd warm up last night for a new project by doing some straight ahead sketches off the TV.I thought this guy would be easy, but it's taken me a few tries and I'm still struggling.

My favorite newscaster, maybe the only one who doesn't piss me off at all. He makes a lot of funny faces too - especially when he checks himself in the monitor.

This lady is a gift to caricaturists from God.

This one's from memory. I can't seem to make him primitive enough yet. He's from the caveman network. He has a show that is about nothing else except how the President is a bum and he'd better fail. He'll be so happy if he's right and America dies. Every night for a whole hour that's what he has to say. It's hilarious.