Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kali Bugs Critique

Kali did a very good copy of a Bugs Bunny comic too and here are my nitpicks for everyone's benefit.
If you do these exercises too, you will learn a crapload of good stuff.

Control of Negative Spaces gives you needed contrasts.
Contrasts in filled spaces VS empty spaces. If every part of an object is about the same size and distance from every other part, the whole object becomes harder to see - because it becomes a bunch of equal separate parts.

Bugs has a very tricky head shape. It isn't a oval. It has multiple planes that you have to understand and memorize and then be able to figure out they would look like from different angles. This was even hard for the animators in the 1940s.

YE GODS ! Rare Kali Sketchbook For Sale!

If you are the lucky dog who wins this ebay auction, not only will you not only have hundreds of original drawings, paintings and marker treats, but Kali herself - THE KALI- will inscribe a personal note to you and you can show it off at church next Sunday and make all the other congregants envious, then God Almighty in His infinite wrath will send them straight to to Hell.

Bonus: Free Rex and Katie drawing!!
REX Bonus

Katie's is a surprise.


dwestburg said...

Thanks again for all these construction posts and critiques.

I've been trying to do the assignments in the Famous Artists Cartoonists Course at:

Everything you've mentioned is reinforced there. (or vice versa)

Ric said...

Wow, such a lot of great info and advice.

I like Kali's porky better than the original though! :D

Drrooool at the sketchbook, whoever wins that will be very lucky or insanely rich! LOL

Elana Pritchard said...

Wow Kali, you are very good with color

Niki said...

I have this "How To Draw comics: The Marvel Way" book by Stan Lee and John Buscema and in the back of the book it has a very interesting chapter on composition where they study Jack Kirby's compositions. I could post the pages if anyone wants to see!

Also know this: I hate you guys fer sellin' the good stuff while I ain't got any cash! By the time I get hired and paid everything will be gone! I can't wait till Kali makes one she can sell widespread, I just hope the execs don't mess with it.

Steven said...

Lovely sketches! I can still afford it, but the price will probably, and hopefully for her, go through the roof.

The Mark Mothersbaugh drawing reminded me of Roy Orbison.

James said...

Also, on Kali's drawing the eyes on Elmer are too big, and positioned at a different different angle. That's something I noticed, but other than that it's good, except the points you made like Bug's head.

On a side note, Kali is great with markers. The sketchbook looks real cool.

Andrés Sanhueza said...

Can I use a tablet instead of pencil and paper? (without tracing, obviously.)

The process of scanning and checking seems a bit tedious; I only have a single HB pencil and can't prevent to stain too much the paper with it. Solving that seems to be part of the goal, through.

Kelly Toon said...

Kali is everyone's hero :o!

Three cheers for sketchbooks *huzzah huzzah huzzah* best wishes!

Nicol3 said...

Kali Kali, you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind hey Kali. Hey. Hey. Hey Kali.

Wish I had moneys.

and also, great googly gravity tip!

Nico said...

haha, I actually like Kali's Porky better too

Josh Corken said...

It's so helpful to see this!


drawingtherightway said...

I see these drawings are done in red and blue pencil and see alot of old animator's drawings done the same way. Can someone tell me why they use red and blue pencils? Is it to differentiate between the forms and guidelines?

Sam said...

I'd like to know the answer to the coloured pencil question too...

Is a different colour used for each stage of construction to highlight what you are doing?

Or is it the red car theory where a red pencil draws faster?

Anonymous said...

Heh, I wasn't even close. But when it is pointed out, it seems so obvious. These critique posts are so fun to read! Hope to be seeing more in the future.

lastangelman said...

This is all absolute gold!
I wait and quake with anticipation for Katie's critique ...

Jeffrey said...

RE: Niki

I am interested in the Jack Kirby deconstruction. Please post away.

patrick said...

If you're still critiquing comic book cover lessons, I did a T&J one Here