Thursday, January 08, 2009

Ranger's Retreat 2 - Trusting Class

Ranger Smith has just recently been introduced to the sensitivity camp and has been issued his new less aggressive name. He is now known among his forest brethren as "Tamlyn" - a much kinder softer less pointy name. You could butter bread with such a loving blunt name as "Tamlyn". He still isn't quite used to these new sensitive caring ways, so the sensitivity counselor asks his loving male tribe to help teach Tam about "trust".

Tamlyn tries hard to grasp this New Age way of thinking. The citizens of the soil empathise with him. They shudder at his barbaric ugly common sense view of the world and ache to cure him. They yearn to envelop him in the warm dark quivering whole-earth-father's womb of spiritual maleness.
Maybe they should chant "We are all one-ball!" somewhere in the cartoon.
These are drawn by Vincent Waller, whose sensitive pencil cares deeply for his audience.

That's all you get.