Friday, March 20, 2009

Art Show With Jim Smith and Kali For Sale!

Meet Cartoon Stars in LA!Kali Fontecchio and Jim Smith have films of them drawing step by step(Jim's isn't up yet).

Buy their artwork.

Exclusive party last weekend with special appearances by Jerry Beck, Eddie Fitzgerald, Kali Fontecchio, Gary Owens, and man:
Some of these folks will be there to rub shoulders with.

Here's the amazing Jim Smith, master of every pop cultural artform and one of his lead actors:The Art of Sketch Theatre
at The Gnomon Gallery
March 21 - April 20

Public Opening and Artists’ Reception
7pm - Midnight
Live Figure Drawing, DJ, Open Bar & more!

See you there!


Rick Roberts said...

*sigh* Bring sure to take alot of pics John.

Trevor Thompson said...

This is precisely why I'm moving to LA. Well, that and I want a job in the industry.

But mostly the first thing.

- trevor.

adrian.cherry said...

flirt w/mike hussar for me.
thank you!

Nico said...

The guy in the Ren mask is ME!!!!! (Jim has taught me well)

Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Hi John,

Emailed you the inks you wanted. Let me know if you need anything else.

-David O.

da99et said...

Hey John,

Long time reader... I was skeptical about your love of classic animation when I started reading, but now you've turned me to the dark side.. or is it the light side?

Anyway, I started your online course with Preston Blair's book. I know you are busy so if you can't look at it, no biggie..

Just thought I'd invite you or anyone else here to check it out and leave advice. I appreciate the help! I'll be reading! Thanks!

Vincent Waller said...

Fuck! looks like I missed a whole lotta fun. :(

Pete Emslie said...

If lummox lugging was an olympic sport, Jim 'n' Kali would take home the gold!

Colter said...

I like how Kali's drawings are variations of her Nico template. Kali should create a cartoon of Nico-like characters.


Marty Walker said...

That video's crazy. Did she have a hidden under-drawing that she was working over? or did that drawing really just flow straight out of the tip of her pen?

Kali Fontecchio said...

It was inspired by Nico sitting by me saying draw me! So I drew Not Nico.

Hope to see you guys there!