Thursday, March 12, 2009

Check it Out - Demo and History

Here's an article about the first Flash and Internet cartoons we pioneered at Spumco, from back in 1997...Here's the rest:

And how about some testimonials about how well I work with executives?


Trevor Thompson said...

I miss those days. And I REALLY miss Cigarettes and the Weekend Pussy Hunt.

- trevor.

Trevor Thompson said...

Did you re-draw that Bjork so she doesn't look like her, or was that drawing later re-used in the Bjork video ( I'm guessing the former )?

- trevor again.

JohnK said...

You sure ask some nutty questions, Trevor.

Anonymous said...

"You sure ask some nutty questions, Trevor."


Nah, he's a good man, he's a good man.

Chain said...

Hey John, anyone ever tell you you look like Rod Blagojevich?


ArtF said...

i knew there were some suits somewhere that had brains. wish there was more of 'em.

Trevor Thompson said...

Nah, he's a good man, he's a good man.

Oh great. Kudos from Jorge.

Just what I need. An endorsement from Nutbar McSurlydrunk. Now alls I need is a letter jacket and a motorcycle and then I can check in permanently as the mayor of Coolsville.

Can ya dig it, daddy-O? ( Now, that's a nutty question )

- trevor.

Peggy said...

Wow, it's the interactive dog barf/poop scene I ended up putting waaaay too many half-hidden gags into!

There was a secret key to make the 'fireworks' gag happen even though you told me to cut it, because it just always made me crack up - but I have no clue what it was any more.

This is where I stand in the spotlight and sing "Memories", or something like that.

Thumbu Sammy said...


That was one of the most delightful, demented turns in cartoon history.

Cotton Gin said...

"As young guys with new ideas get more money, then they'll be able to add more production value" 1997

"No kid in his basement can make the progress and quality that a group of talented people in a sensible production system can." 2009

You seemed to be more about the "kids in the basement" idea back before they all started signing contracts with Cartoon Network, churning out mindless hackery.

JohnK said...

I've never been for that.

I've always wanted to do skilled collaborative popular mainstream cartoons.

That takes time, money, a production system, natural creative evolution, training and some distributon.

I've been waiting for the internet to make the distribution easier, but it doesn't eliminate the need for the other factors.

"Independent animation" has been around forever. That's not what I want to do.

It's too stagnant a process.

Cotton Gin said...

I see.

I did not mean that's what you wanted to do, I meant you just seemed more supportive of it at one time, sort of speak.

Rick Roberts said...

"I've been waiting for the internet to make the distribution easier, but it doesn't eliminate the need for the other factors."

Yes that is the ultimate flaw of the net. No one has perfected a distribution system that could work yet.

introvert said...

I've had dreams about taking the "kids working from the basement system" and utilizing some kind of high tech wizardry in order to work it into some kind of sensible online production system.

A pipe-dream I know, but at least I have this blog to get a glimpse of what a sensible production system is supposed to do.

Corey said...

Have you done a post with your collaboration with Bjork? It would be great to hear some details.

NateBear said...

I want to see a large image of that Corn Waste cereal box.

Brilliant idea!