Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Rare Milt Gross! That's My Pop!- composition 20

Milt Gross: Best cartoon compositions ever.



Niki said...

One of the best people I've seen in cartoons. Now here's one of the worst ideas


patrick said...

ahhh, that's the stuff...

David Gale said...

Brilliant! Thanks for posting. He seems to simultaneously obey and break every rule of perspective!

Christine Gerardi said...

Holy Gosh! Those are hilarious!

Trevor Thompson said...

Construction question:

I tried drawing one of the old Milt Gross pics you put up, John, and I thought I was going to prove to myself that he doesn't use construction... but I was wrong. So wrong.

I saw all the principles you talk about ( clear staging, negative shapes, etc. ) but I thought, because of Milt's very loose drawing style, that he wasn't using any construction in his characters.

Whenever I attempt a construction drawing, I always doodle it first, and my doodles of Milt's stuff were awful. The constructed and final versions, however, looked right.

I've come to the conclusion that Gross was so confident in his penstrokes that it came off feeling spontaneous and free. I look at it now and see the construction, and almost feel stupid for not seeing it before.

Any idea how he does it?

- trevor.

PS: I'll post my drawings as soon as I get near a scanner.

Thomas said...

The compositions are never boring. From the looks of it, he ever repeated himself.

ther1 said...

I think there was actually a complete "That's my pop" ripoff in Nickelodeon magazine. Anyone seen it?
Once you see it it's pretty obvious.

I can't bear to look at that magazine anymore, or at any modern children's magazines. They can't even Photoshop the covers correctly!

Thomas said...

its a little difficult to describe, but to me, there is something different in the relationship of the verbal and the visual in Gross' drawings, compared to other comics.
I'm generalizing but most other comics have a form similar to drawing room comedies, like Noel Coward or something like that; it's basically characters on a stage.
Milt Gross seems to be structured differently.

Not exactly sure what I'm trying to say; hope nobody really minds....