Saturday, March 21, 2009

Barqs 2 - cartoony and realistic inspirations

Like I said in the last post, no time for hookups in a 5 second spot. Just enough time for an elaborate plot.
George offers the inhabitant of the ear some of its own root beer.The obvious punch line for pouring Barq's Root Beer into an idiot's ear is to have a hot dog come out.

I added the twist of having the hotdog have mustard on it so the joke wouldn't be so routine.

Another live action "realistic" expression in the midst of the stupidest gags I could come up with.

George marvels at the magic ear dirt puffs. I wonder what they are constituted of?
more to come...the resolution of the plot...


Tonight, in person:

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Anthony said...

I don't know if you got this but here it is again it you missed it.

You start drawing with your brain, but aim to draw from the heart. That doesn't happen instantly. You have to first absorb the knowledge slowly and then forget about it and let your pencil be guided by your subconscious. Not easy, and it hurts to go through the stiff period. A lot of lesser men give up during the stiff beginnings of learning something new and that's a dirty shame. Take the pain and shame like a man and get over it.

People ask me all the time - "should I study life drawing and will it help my cartoon drawings"? I wish it did more often, but usually it doesn't.

Why are you so apprehensive toward drawing realistically? Life drawing DOES help you EVERY time. You ALWAYS learn new information. Why would you have a strange goal of learning to draw somthing without actrully having drawing it accuratly? It's impossible to draw good caricatures if you don't know how to draw portraits. I think it's strange that you see it as a chore. What kind of artist doesn't enjoy learning new art subjects? You're like some kid who never eats their vegetables.

That's your tax for being gifted.

Dude seriously get over yourself. You're a CARTOONIST for christ sake! I don't know masters of fine art that have such an overly inflated ego. And Heres an example of good Bjork caricatures.

Mitch K said...

You're posting some great stuff lately! I'd love to see more clips of this stuff... It's fun to watch the quicktimes frame-by-frame.

Ryan G. said...

Whoa! That George looked like an Eddie face..

JohnK said...

Anthony should read the posts before he paraphrases them to mean something I didn't say.

Anonymous said...

I love the hotdogs face as he decides to retreat back into Jimmy's head!

drawingtherightway said...

Speaking of random items inside people's heads, are you the one that came up with the idea in Ren and Stimpy to have caramel corn in the Lincoln memorial's head? I'm not sure if that was an episode you did or if that was after you left.

Thomas said...

>>magic ear dirt puffs. I wonder what they're constituted of?<<
For some reason, my first thought was anthracite. Jimmy might be made out of a vast network of fossil fuel deposits, which George would try to figure out a way to strip mine.

Or Pop Rocks? Jimmy may have ferreted them away in his head years ago and forgot about them.

There was an urban legend in the 70's about kids eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda at the same time, and having their heads explode.

JohnK said...

I'll go with anthracite.

Thanks Thomas!

Maybe George ca use Jimmy's head to power the house during a blackout.

Thomas said...

Thanks John, I'm really flattered that you like the idea.

Shawn said...

Great stuff!

George's proportions look different in this commercial...Bigger body, smaller eyes.

Mattieshoe said...
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Mattieshoe said...
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