Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TOYS FOR MEN - Ripping Friends Action Figure + Accessories

Got a young son or kid brother? Have him look at this and tell me if he'd buy an action figure like this. Or would you?This is Rip in his natural street wear. He is part of the Ripping Friends Super Hero group. They are the world's most manly men. So manly, in fact that they don't actually have super powers, because super powers are cheating and are for wimps. The Ripping Friends win their battles though sheer raw manly muscle, will power and the ability to take pain. The more they hurt themselves, the more they love it.
The Ripping Friends are Time Travelers. They exist always and everywhere there is evil to be vanquished. How do they go through time? With superior scientific technology? No. Through combined rage. They are so manly, they can rip through time. They just reach out their massive angry arms and grab a chunk of space and time in their hands and rip holes in it. It hurts like the Devil to do this and they scream at the top their lungs while suffering for humanity. When Hitler, Genghis Khan or Nebuchadnezzar's armies of evil come bursting through the holes, The Ripping Friends beat the living crap out of them.
Here's Rip ready to climb Mount Olympus to kick the crap out of the Gods.
Here's Rip in his voyage to the ugliest part of the ocean gear.
Here's Rip ready to rip tomorrow.

Tell me whether the boys in your family want manly toys like this that can beat Hell out of G.I. Joe, He Man, Ken, Elmo and every WWE wimp.

The Ripping Friends build up their tolerance for hurt every morning in their pain machines. "They also practice disciplined marching exercises and sing the "Whistle While You Wince" battle song.

By the way, I drew the first Rip and the costumes and color were done by Bruce Timm, Lynne Naylor, Jim Smith and me. There are many more too.
This is Rip giving their arch-enemy a Purple Nurple for trying to destroy the earth.
These happy lads seem to be saying "We Love the Ripping Friends Toys! Yeah Yeah Yeah, Oh Baby Oh!"

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