Friday, March 20, 2009

My Hero, Fedor

Who would have thought the best fighter in the world was also a cartoonist?!
Who knows, maybe he has other secret talents too. I vote him president of world culture.

This is the great Fedor Emelianenko - the most fun fighter in the world to watch.
The guy fights in every style, thinks like a scientist and artist at the same time.
What's extra cool is he never shows emotion. He just analyzes his opponent and then takes him apart.
Look at him take out Mark "The Hammer" Coleman.

Obviously Fedor does have much emotion because he puts it into his cartoons.
He just doesn't give it away in the ring. He won all these fights, by the way, and in very entertaining ways.

Somewhere I have a drawing I did of him for a new idea for a cartoon series, but I can't seem to find it. I'll do more then.



Kali Fontecchio said...

He's the coolest human that a human ever beget by a birth canal!

Cotton Gin said...

Fedor is my hero and by far my favorite fighter. I am so surprised how many people in America are unaware of him. Everyone in the UFC respects him. GSP thinks he is the best, Frank Mir admits that he could not beat him now and Joe Rogan once told me a few years ago (during the pride era) that Fedor was by far the best fighter in the world. Without Fedor the UFC has a shallow heavy weight division. I am very surprised to find out he makes cartoons.

banjodevon said...

Thanks for posting this,

I had heard that Fedor drew but had never seen any examples.

Nice training vid too; good to see the best fighter in the world trains in a basic unpretentious setting while the wannabes drop thousands on prissy modern mma gyms.

Cotton Gin said...

Fedor is trying to set up a meeting with Dana White in June. So hopefully soon we may be able to see him fighting the rest of the best fighters in the world while he is still in his prime.

By the way, I could have sworn that Tank Abbott was your fight hero?

JohnK said...

Tank was, yeah but he's been out of the game for a long time.

I like him for different reasons, his charisma as well as his power.

Josh Goguen said...

Fedor isn't just a great fighter, he's jaw dropping. Several times I've wondered how he was able to win. How did he come back from that Randleman slam? He KO'd Arlovski with what seemed like a magic punch.

I'd love to see your take on him.

Ryan G. said...

Hey nice post!

Fedor is a mysterious soul and a humble fighter. His management seems to make most decisions for him, so the chance of him coming to the UFC and destroying the top tier heavys is looking kind of grim.

Thats the only crit I have against Fedor. He needs to fight more and against the best possible competition. Not saying Arlovski or Silvia are jokes, (OK maybe Silvia) but recently hes only fought like once or twice a year and aginst some questionable opponants.

Feed him Randy, Carwin, Brock, Mir, Barnett, and Vitor. That will seal his legacy as the best fighter in the world.. Ever.

I didnt know he was an artist too..Sweet..

Ted said...

Kali must really like C-section kids...

Trevor Thompson said...

Same is true of Joe Rogan. Joe never changes expression - hell, he has no expression when he fights.

I think he told me that it was something he picked up from learning jiu jitsu, his favorite style of fighting, but this was a few years ago, so I don't recall.

Love those drawings. I guess this proves your theory, John, that if you can do one thing well you can do many things well.

- trevor.

andreas said...

GSP all the way!
but fedor IS a cool cat too

Thomas said...

seems like he has a future as a film actor, because he's interesting to watch even when he's not really doing anything.

Pablo said...

I dont understend, these cartoons are from him?
He is the best UFC fighter.

pappy d said...

I'd love to see a reality show where Fedor pitches a cartoon series & the meeting erupts in hilarious bloody massacre.

banjodevon said...

"recently hes only fought like once or twice a year and aginst some questionable opponants."

Hasn't UFC's champ only fought 4 times in his entire career (and one of those was a decisive loss)?

I would like to see Fedor fight in the UFC though but I'm cool with whatever he chooses.

Ryan G. said...

>>Hasn't UFC's champ only fought 4 times in his entire career (and one of those was a decisive loss)?<<

Brock fought 3 times in 2008.

He fought Frank Mir, Heath Herring, and Randy Couture.

Fedor fought twice in 2006 and 2007, once in 2008 and once already in 2009.

Fight more Fedor!!

Im not saying Brock deserved a title shot, but with him its about generating PPV's. Plus he beat Randy for the title so I guess he deserves it.

Adam T said...

I'm amazed at how calm Fedor is. Other fighters feel need to hype themselves up and get angry. He treats his fights like they're math problems that just need solving.

Rick Roberts said...

"I think he told me that it was something he picked up from learning jiu jitsu, his favorite style of fighting"

Naturally. Ju Jitsu is the best knowledge self defense you can possibly have.

Trevor Thompson said...

Naturally. Makes sense. Joe's the man.

- trevor.

Chloe Cumming said...

I love the feminine sensitive aspect of his drawings... in contrast to the pure mansomeness of being a super kicky man. Or is it just me? No one else mentioned the nature of the actual drawings...

I just love that combo.

Which is kind of why I drew WWE in the first place, which is much more girly in and of itself, like a (literally) giant boy band performance at times.

But I'm allowed cos I'm a girl.

Cotton Gin said...

The thing about Fedor that makes him very different from all the Brock's, Mir's, Lidell's and Nick Diaz's of the world is that Fedor does not need to psych himself up before a fight. He does not need to make himself angry at his opponent or create bad blood through verbally combative interviews. Fedor fights with the soul purpose of displaying his fighting style to the world. Fedor's greatest weapon is humble persona and his complete domination of most of his fights. Without saying or doing anything outside of the ring he has already mentally broke most fighters. Placing a seed of doubt inside their heads. That lack of knowing and realistic fear is what makes his so dangerous.

Ryan G. said...

Cotton Gin:

True. He defeats alot of his opponants even before the first punch is thrown.

Anderson Silva seems to have the same persona on a different level.

These fighters have an aura about them that brings out too many mistakes in their opponents.

Noel said...

You're a Fedor fan too huh. If you ever want to make Fedor laugh just say.....Tim Silvia. How did you find Fedor artwork?? He likes to do those children book type illustrations. VEEEERY INtreesting i gotta admit. It's funny how hes so humble and draws and everything and he's so brutal in the ring.I'm gonna post this on MMALINKER.

Anonymous said...

I dunno, these new guys are no Arnold. Or Eugene Sandow.

mike f. said...


banjodevon said...

>>Fedor fought twice in 2006 and 2007, once in 2008 and once already in 2009.

Fight more Fedor!!<<

When you're right you're right; Fedor fighting more is what we all need.

I do forgive him for not fighting so much in the past 3 years as he was in organisational limbo for much of that time. Plus since hooking up with Affliction he's been making up for lost time like mother. If he can get on a 2-3 fight per year pace that would be good (I believe that's about average for a champ).

Thomas said...

If Fedor's opponents were to ever see his drawings, that alone, would break their will.

I love the monkey

BTW Chloe's post is spot on. None of us dude really said anything about the drawings.

Thiago Levy said...

Wow!!! I didn't know that!!! Hey I am a Gracie Jiu-jitsu purple belt and I am also a cartoonist slash animator, but my drawings are not as tender and lovely as Fedor's. Oh, by the way, Fedor lost for Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. "Triangulo" as we say in Brasil.