Monday, March 09, 2009

Layout Test Coming...

Here's a neat pose Chloe copied from "Hare Ribbin" - great practice and you can really see her learning the construction and hierarchy.

Chloe asked me to give her some kind of test, so I told her I'd put up a few sketches of a storyboard of mine for her to turn into finished layouts. I have to dig one up from my files. Maybe tomorrow.

Here's Chloe's practice drawings of Slab. Proportions off and too wobbly.

I also mentioned how important it is to FIRST learn to draw the characters. If you try to learn how to draw the characters while you are also trying to solve all the layout problems, you would never get your scene approved, and you'd make it 10 times harder on yourself.

While you are learning the characters, you should be extremely conservative and try to get them exactly like the models or the other layouts you are copying from.
Chloe's experimental variations on Slab N Ernie.

This isn't a time to experiment and do your own style and variations. You learn it the "right" way first - really the general way to draw them.
These are getting close, but are a little soft.

Anyway, I'm doing the thing for Chloe, but I'll put it up in case anyone else wants to give it a shot.

You can look though the layout posts to see lots of approved drawings of the characters from the George Liquor show.