Friday, March 13, 2009

Tips For Chloe and Anyone Else Who Cares

Chloe's copies of my roughs are good copies. She has a superhuman eye. Maybe even 2 of them. However, they could and should be more solid than my quick roughs, rather than softer. Here are some tips on how to do that:1) Start with Line Of Action
2) Construct Cranium and Jaw (lower face) - Cranium is hard and convex, lower face is fleshier
3) Eye and Cheek Area are related. Draw squashed eyeball for squinty expression-wrap that ball along and behind the upper cheek. Relate upper cheek with mouth/smile line - always.
4) Eye details: no parallel lines...BUT everything is related - eyelids and eyelash make a walnut shape, eyebrow radiates around eye, eyebrow wrinkle creates a worm of flesh above the eyebrow.
All these elements in turn wrap around the head's position in space.
5) Open Mouth - the open mouth shape is a big % of an expression. It is a dominant shape. Teeth, tongue and lips are secondary parts of the mouth. Do not let them compete or contradict the shape of the mouth. (Chloe didn't)
This man exhibits everything I talk about in this post.
So does this boy.

More to come: the miracle of lips...