Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chloe's latest

It's an extra challenge to draw Looney Tunes on paper that's already been peed on, but Chloe's up to it.
She's getting closer with each practice.
I'm gonna critique these very slightly in another post, but I like the direction.


Wicks for Candlesticks said...

Very nice samples, Chloe. She's so good she probably made that paper herself, out of beets and oats. Like the great masters.

I did some snoopin' and found a layout test for the George Liquor pilot. That's some beautiful cartooning. Almost made me cry, but I'm a guy and we don't do that sorta thing.

David O.

SibbSabb said...

DAMN, I suck! It's astonishing that someone who can draw can draw *anything* with practice.

Trevor Thompson said...

These are erumpent!

- trevor.

pappy d said...

These are wonderful. There's an intelligent blend of volume & expressive graphic "cheats", as we say. There's a really a sense of force in the last drawing at bottom right with that clean through-line from the shoulder to the top of the head. In animation, you're not just dealing with mass, but acceleration & the strongest force, the fastest action is expressed by a straight line.

You must try animating. It's as though there's a wall that you didn't realise was there until it vanishes to reveal a new dimension to your art.

Isaac said...

Mr K, face it: she's better than you.

JohnK said...

Lots of people are more talented than I am:

I could list lots more. They are the kind of people I want to work with and everyone can benefit from the basics and the experience of old curmudgeons.

Chloe Cumming said...

Thanks guys!

I think I might revive my career plan that I had age sixteen and get into cartoons after all.

Though learning how to animate would I imagine make a lot more sense with the gentle yet manly guidance of old curmudgeons.

pappy d said...

Technically, John, you're still an angry young man. With proper diet & exercise, someday you'll be old & cranky like me.

Waqas Malik said...

that paper was really peed on?? D: