Wednesday, March 11, 2009

George models from layouts

George is much harder to draw than Slab N Ernie, but uses the same principles.

He's fleshier too.


Shingles said...

You know.. I think one of the reason why I've always considered your characters "fun to watch" is that all of them have solid structures, but don't necessarily obey the laws of even their own physics.

Yeah, Camp's Looney Toons defied physics, sure. They're cartoons. But, each character had a set area of movement patterns that they normally adhered to.

Your characters, on the other hand, range from extremely rigid to fluid and squishy, and sometimes all within any given 15 seconds.

Mark O'Hara said...


I emailed you last year about my project which was initially called Skippy Tornado ( I had to change the name to Moronica! due to a trademark issue...

You thought it was a rock band cartoon which isn't exactly correct.

Anyway i've been working hard on the cartoon bible which is coming along and thought I'd touch base.

Moronica is an outrageous rock star super hero who battles his enemies (suits, jocks, evil record company honchos, surfer dudes, greedy club owners, groupies, nerds, and mean old ladies) with his music, his sonic microphone, his explosive musical instruments and his foul yet hilarious bio-weapons system as he goes on his mission to eradicate American Idol winners and Paris Hilton wannabees and works to destroy the entertainment industry in Hollywood!

It's really a mockery of the vapid, homogenized, over-produced hollywood culture that produces derivative, bland, market-tested, evian distilled garbage :)

I really enjoy reading your posts and they probably teach me more about what to do (and not do) than anything else.

Since my background is in music not cartoons i'm sort of flying blind most of the time so your advice and info is very much appreciated.

The artist I hired Andres Alvarez has been really great to work with and has drawn the main character (loosely based on my Skippy Tornado alter ego stage persona).

I told him that my clark kent character (who works in a music store) loves Ren and Stimpy and Beevis and Butthead and that I wanted to honor those cartoons (just like beevis honors AC/DC and Metallica).

He posted an image tonite with Ren and Stimpy on his tee-shirt and I was worried that it might offend you or get me into trouble with Nick.

So I thought I'd ask you if this is not ok - if so I will remove it immediately...

my blog is:

I hope you are doing well this year.

Mark O'Hara

Shawn said...

George IS fleshy!

Does he drink Labatt 50 too?

abowler said...

Great expressions! I love "7"... just look at those eyes!

I can already see this in action.

TURCIOS. said...


Niki said...

Cleanups look super awesome John!

Colter said...

These look familiar ;)

Pat McMicheal said...

WOW, What is that, a Sea Elephant??? That's friggin awesome!

the plummer said...

aaaaaaaaand THIS is why I've always hated traditional model sheets. I have to animate cartoony characters and normal posed sheets never work...I'm always referring to the copies of poses we have that are fun and were actually used in commercials.

JohnK said...

Hi Colter

is that a scene you inked?

Gimme a link and I'll post some of them.

javier suppa said...

amazing john
good luck from argentina

Mr. Fun said...

I am really looking forward to the series! Is this slated for Spike TV..? I can't remember...

Nice work!!

Rick Roberts said...

Looking at these layouts makes me appericate the hard work involved in animation. George hopping down to the floor takes time and effort. No one does this anymore.