Monday, November 02, 2009

Sharp Brothers' Gift

Hey I gotta share this. The Sharp Brothers painted this bacon sketch I did and made it look professional!
By the way, have you ever seen this man's (the one in the illustration) talk show? Eeegad!

Their rendering reminds me of great illustrator Robert Grossman's paintings.

Thanks Brothers!


Oliver_A said...

It also reminds me a bit of Terry Gilliam's work.

zoe said...

Also very reminiscent of Terry Gilliam's airbrush work for his Monty Python cartoons.

Mick said...

yeah terry Gilliam did a very similar looking cartoon a while back... I think it was his nuclear family type pic

ben said...

I also thought immediatly of Gilliam. Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the brilliant work you managed to slip through the standard children programming on australian breakfast t.v. during my formative years. The ren and stimpy half hour every weekday morning was a welcome sanctuary from pubescent rage. You are a master of the form.
South park, family guy et al sucks a very many testicular orb.

Trevor Thompson said...

Everyone thinks of TG. Specifically, it can be seen in the opening titles of 'Meaning of Life' with all the clones.... they're all wearing Mickey ears.

Hey John, if you have a minute, please come by my blog. I just got a new scanner, and I've posted a few construction studies among other drawings. Also, I posted my first animatic and I'd like to hear your thoughts.


- trevor.

Whit said...

Everyone today may be reminded of Terry Gilliam but Robert Grossman arguably did the style first. Because of the enduring Python, Gilliam's work is still everywhere while Grossman's late 1960's/early 1970's airbrushed pieces are largely forgotten. Grossman eventually evolved into doing another, very different and simpler style of painting, possibly because he got sick of manually cutting thousands of friskets in the pre-digital era of commercial art.

Trevor Thompson said...

Sorry... I screwed up the link.

The Booo Tooons Blooog

- trevor.

Sharp Brothers said...

Sorry John, we actually painted the image for you. Chris Ryall is actually the name of our wonderfull editor over at IDW comics. Still no doubt he will be pleased you sent people his way.
Glad you liked it anyway.

JohnK said...

Whoops! I'd swear your link yesterday sent me to Chris' site.

Anyway, thanks and I fixed the credit in the post!

Sharp Brothers said...

Awesome, thanks John. Please keep us in mind if you ever need anything else like this doing...would love to get you back doing comics. As publisher and EIC of IDW I am sure Chris would be mad for it.

Trevor Thompson said...

What talk show is it?

Bob Lilly said...

I like the painted version of John's drawing. Don't you wish magazines would go back to cartoony covers again. I loved the Jack Davis TV Guides and Time covers. Now even the New Yorker seems to avoid 'cartoony" covers. Fooey, let's abandon print and take it to the internet.
BTW I started posting some of my comics today
I hope you don't mind a little self promotion. I would really love to hear your opinion.

Sharp Brothers said...

Cartoony Style

As a thank you for posting our link and all the kind words here is another sketch given the Sharp Brothers treatment.

Orignal sketch here

Oliver_A said...

As a thank you for posting our link and all the kind words here is another sketch given the Sharp Brothers treatment.

Hey, this looks really cool!

Chris Rank said...

Speaking of Mickey and of redo's